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Square’s ‘Sexy Growth Curve’ Accelerates Again

Apr. 25, ‘12: In a Bloomberg article today, Square drops a new money stat: It is now processing payments at a $5 billion annualized rate. Square has been revealing these stats, with increasing payment volume, for more than a year — see last … Continue reading →

WordPress Is Now A ~$50 Million Business, But It Still Won’t Take My Money

Apr. 25, ‘12: Hey, look at that. WordPress is becoming a decent business. But it’s still passing up an important segment of the market — sites like this one. Here’s All Things D’s Liz Gannes on Automattic, the WordPress parent company: The company … Continue reading →

Microsoft Isn’t Just Losing Smartphone Market Share: Its Mobile User Base Is Actually Shrinking

Apr. 24, ‘12: Few technology markets have exploded over the past few years like the smartphone industry. This has made a fortune for Apple, where the iPhone business should pass $100 billion in sales this year. And it has been great for Google, … Continue reading →

Apple’s huge quarter in charts

Apr. 24, ‘12: I’ve taken my Apple earnings chart porn over to ReadWriteWeb this time around. Most impressive: The iPhone, of course. But really, Apple’s growth overall: Find me another tech company generating $40 billion in quarterly revenue and 60% growth… Oh, right, they don’t … Continue reading →

Virgin America’s busiest wi-fi route

Apr. 23, ‘12: NYCAviation’s Matt Molnar chats with Virgin America CEO David Cush: Any idea what the wifi usage rate is on Virgin America compared to other carriers? We’re certainly higher than other guys. On a system average we’re in the low- to … Continue reading →

Netflix explains why it’s good for TV networks (PDF)

Apr. 23, ‘12: From Netflix’s quarterly letter to shareholders PDF: In the past, we have said that our licensing of complete back seasons of on-air TV series is not only a great experience for Netflix members, but can help build the audience for … Continue reading →

Side-By-Side: The Apple Store, Best Buy, And Amazon

Apr. 19, ‘12: Amazon will finally pass Best Buy in revenue this year, and my latest post at ReadWriteWeb charts the companies’ growth in sales and profits dating back to 1995. What happens when you toss in the Apple Store? As this chart … Continue reading →

This time, NBC will live-stream the entire Olympics

Apr. 18, ‘12: A nice (and smart) change from prior years, when many key events weren’t streamed live, as NBC was “saving” them to air later on TV. There will be one hitch, though, to make the primetime broadcast more special, the NYT’s … Continue reading →

Twitter, the patent anti-troll

Apr. 17, ‘12: Twitter VP of Engineering Adam Messinger announces the new “Innovator’s Patent Agreement”: The IPA is a new way to do patent assignment that keeps control in the hands of engineers and designers. It is a commitment from Twitter to our employees … Continue reading →

Hulu Plus at 2 million subscribers, up 500k since 2011

Apr. 17, ‘12: That’s roughly 10% of Netflix’s streaming subscriber base, and roughly a million fewer subs than AOL dialup has. But it’s something. (And, hey, Hulu CEO Jason Kilar has stuck around.) Hulu subscriber stats via a new profile by the New York Times’ … Continue reading →