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30 Days With The New iPad

Apr. 16, ‘12: After a month with Apple’s new iPad, it’s easy to see why this is the future of the personal computer. It’s not all the way there yet, but the original vision behind the iPad — combined with some upgrades in … Continue reading →

Why should e-books cost $15, anyway?

Apr. 16, ‘12: Good questions (and post) from David Pakman, Venrock VC and former CEO of eMusic: Absent from most of this coverage are two main questions: a) what is the right price for eBooks and who gets to set it, and b) … Continue reading →

Why Facebook terrifies Google: It knows who you are

Apr. 16, ‘12: Because you tell it. And that’s why Google+ is so important for Google. My latest for ReadWriteWeb. (Worth it for the peek at Facebook’s amazing ad-targeting screen.)

Kickstarter of the week: The Pebble watch

Apr. 12, ‘12: A neat-looking watch that connects to your iPhone or Android, acting as a remote control and a notification center. With its own app store, of course. The Kickstarter support has been incredible — Pebble launched yesterday, and its funding will … Continue reading →

There’s hope, after all: Comcast approves HBO Go for Xbox

Apr. 9, ‘12: Turns out that Comcast wasn’t diabolically opposed to letting its customers use the new HBO Go app on their Xboxes — it just needed a little extra time to get a deal done. Late Friday, the biggest U.S. cable company … Continue reading →

The wrong billion

Apr. 9, ‘12: He has a point… Y’all freaking out over wrong $1 billion acquisition. Microsoft just bought patents for browsers, browsing. Photo app? Who cares. — Kourosh Karimkhany (@kouroshk) April 9, 2012

Why Facebook’s $1 Billion Instagram Deal Is Brilliant

Apr. 9, ‘12: So Instagram is now Facebook’s property. $1 billion in cash and Facebook stock, less than two years in business. Pretty sweet deal for the Instagram team. But it’s also a brilliant move for Facebook. Why? Not only does it now … Continue reading →

That Was Fast! Apple Store Replaces Old iPad 2 Billboard

Apr. 5, ‘12: AdAge ribbed Apple yesterday for displaying an old iPad 2 billboard atop one of its most visible stores — a month after Apple had unveiled the new iPad. Looks like Apple is paying attention: I just shot this photo of … Continue reading →

Google shows off ‘Project Glass’ computerized glasses project

Apr. 4, ‘12: Nick Bilton has a good overview at the NYT. And Google has posted this video of what a theoretical experience with “Project Glass” might be like. Basically, like using your phone on your face instead of taking your phone out. I … Continue reading →

Why Android Won’t Ruin Instagram

Apr. 3, ‘12: That buzzing noise in your pocket today is the sound of push alerts — Android users rushing to Instagram. Will Android ruin Instagram? Until now, of course, it has been a glorious iOS-only social network of interesting photos, taken by … Continue reading →