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Tim Cook at D10

May. 30, ‘12: I was in the front row for Tim Cook’s interview at the D10 conference last night. It was long, and there seemed to be a little too much effort placed on prodding Tim about future Apple products, which everyone knows … Continue reading →

Why Facebook Needs Two Photo Apps

May. 24, ‘12: Facebook released Camera today, an iPhone app that lets you take photos, add filters to them, and share them on Facebook. Hey, wait a second. Isn’t that what Instagram does, which Facebook just smartly agreed to acquire for $1+ billion? Yes … Continue reading →

You Suck At Retweeting

May. 23, ‘12: Twitter is a magical place and I am routinely amazed by the funny, smart, and grotesque things I’m exposed to on a daily basis. Many of you have gotten really good at tweeting, in terms of content, velocity, style, humor, … Continue reading →

Brian Lam swims with robot boats in the Pacific

May. 23, ‘12: While you’re whining about the sad state of tech journalism, Brian Lam is doing some of his best work ever. I love it.

Jony Ive’s annual British newspaper interview

May. 23, ‘12: The most-circulated clip you’ll see from this interview with the Telegraph is where Ive teases that the best work he’s ever done is “what we’re working on right now, which of course I can’t tell you about”. Secret new products! No … Continue reading →

Businessweek: Inside Google’s Motorola

May. 23, ‘12: Good article by Brad Stone and Peter Burrows. Did you know: Apple tried to hire Dennis Woodside, the Google vet now running Motorola, to become its head of sales. So much for that Apple-Google no-poaching agreement. Google hired a former … Continue reading →

Motorola Will Be Google’s Most Interesting Project Yet

May. 22, ‘12: Google’s $12+ billion Motorola deal is closed, and Google veteran Dennis Woodside is taking over as Motorola CEO. Now the fun begins. For a variety of reasons, this has the potential to be Google’s most interesting project yet. This is … Continue reading →

Comcast is switching to usage-based Internet pricing

May. 17, ‘12: Shalini Ramachandran, writing for The cable operator plans to experiment with a couple of different ways to manage data use. Under one scenario, it will impose a data cap of 300 gigabytes and charge for additional use, likely $10 … Continue reading →

‘Rise Of The Tech Bandits’

May. 16, ‘12: I wrote the cover story for this summer’s issue of SAY Magazine, the official in-flight magazine for SAY Media, the company that sells the ads on this site and owns ReadWriteWeb. It’s called “Rise of the Tech Bandits” and traces … Continue reading →

10 Stories I Missed While I Was In Asia

May. 14, ‘12: I’m back after a couple of great weeks in South Korea and Japan. More about those trips over the coming weeks. But in the meantime, here’s a stab at some of the biggest stories I missed while I was gone. … Continue reading →