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Hands On — Sort Of! — With AppBaseball, A Japanese iPhone Baseball Gadget

May. 9, ‘12: When I saw AppBaseball in the store here in Tokyo, my eyes lit up. I spent many hours as a kid playing lo-fi handheld baseball videogames: First the baseball half of the Tiger Electronics Bo Jackson baseball/football hybrid game, then … Continue reading →

The iPhone Accessories In Tokyo Are Pretty Amazing

May. 8, ‘12: Five years ago I visited Tokyo and the coolest things I saw were a dancing Sony alarm clock and a humping-dog USB toy. Now I’m here again, and all you see anywhere are iPhone cases, headphone jack toys, iPad stands, … Continue reading →

Flying the 787 ‘Dreamliner’: My first $200-million-gadget review

May. 7, ‘12: I flew Boeing’s new 787 to Japan last week — one of its first commercial flights from the U.S. Here’s my review, including some photos. In short: It’s still flying. But it’s nice and new and exciting, and the big, … Continue reading →

SplatF In Seoul

May. 1, ‘12: I’m in Seoul and Incheon, Korea, this week, on assignment for ReadWriteWeb. So, as you’ve noticed, posting will be limited. (And next week, when I’ll be in Tokyo.) I might have some free time this Friday in Seoul, so if … Continue reading →

Around the world with an unlocked iPhone

May. 1, ‘12: I’ve been traveling this year with an unlocked iPhone 4S, buying local SIM cards as I go. For the most part, it’s been great — it has made overseas business travel, in particular, much more efficient. Later this summer, I’ll … Continue reading →