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Amazon wants to be a BIG player in mobile ads

Jul. 31, ‘12: Good luck cutting through the corporate jargon on this job posting. But my takeaway is that Amazon is very serious about becoming a leader in mobile advertising. Given Amazon’s apparent disregard for maximizing profits, I wonder if a mostly or completely ad-supported … Continue reading →


Jul. 31, ‘12: A great new site for travel industry news and analysis from paidContent founder Rafat Ali and former editor Jason Clampet. As I unfollow more echo-chamber tech blogs, I’m looking for more sites like Skift. More context from Peter Kafka … Continue reading →

Hulu Plus arrives on Apple TV

Jul. 31, ‘12: It begins… Related: Why Wasn’t Apple In The Running To Buy Hulu?

Reality check: Google Fiber

Jul. 29, ‘12: Good points from Ryan Lawler. It’s neat that Google is doing this, but let’s not get carried away.

NYT: Apple considers investing hundreds of millions in Twitter

Jul. 27, ‘12: Evelyn Rusli and Nick Bilton for the New York Times: Apple has considered an investment in the hundreds of millions of dollars, one that could value Twitter at more than $10 billion, up from an $8.4 billion valuation last year, … Continue reading →

‘Jiro Dreams of Sushi’ on iTunes

Jul. 27, ‘12: Fantastic documentary about a Tokyo sushi legend, now available for rent or purchase on iTunes. Jiro epitomizes Japan’s “do one thing and do it well” way of living, and I think Apple fans in particular will appreciate the film. I saw … Continue reading →


Jul. 26, ‘12: Facebook’s Instagram deal hasn’t even closed yet, but things are already getting weird with Twitter. There’s now no “find your Twitter friends on Instagram” feature; Twitter has apparently cut off Instagram’s access to that API. Supposedly because Instagram — now … Continue reading →

How Much User Data Is Boingo Sharing With Free-NYC-WiFi-Sponsor Google? Apparently, None

Jul. 26, ‘12: Google (specifically, Google Offers) has been sponsoring free Boingo wifi in a few NYC Subway stations this summer. My first question was: Well, what’s in it for Google? The Boingo login page encourages you to sign up for Google Offers, … Continue reading →

How To Remove Apps From The Dock In OS X Mountain Lion

Jul. 26, ‘12: Because I already opened the Mac App Store by accident five times today before figuring this out. Update: You can still pull the apps off, but you have to hold them for a few seconds in mid-air and drag them … Continue reading →

Google is moving 3,000 Motorola employees to downtown Chicago from the suburbs

Jul. 26, ‘12: Smart move to attract younger engineering talent — the Northwest suburbs, where Motorola is now, are awful — and good news for Chicago’s ever-growing tech scene.