Thursday, July 19, 2012 at 4:26 pm.


Cool new free iPhone app that takes video you record and edits it together with video shot simultaneously by people nearby — even strangers. The result is a neat clip that switches between multiple camera angles, all in sync.

Could be fun for parties, concerts, journalism, all kinds of stuff. Sort of trying to do for video what Color was trying to do for photos, but without all the drama, and a better single-player mode: You can remix anyone’s video, picking the angles you want, too.

The obvious challenge will be getting people to use it instead of the iPhone’s built-in camcorder app: Vyclone doesn’t accept pre-shot video clips, and has a 1-minute limit to keep things fast. But I would have totally made everyone use this at my wedding last year. It’s one to watch. (Also, fun fact: Vyclone co-founder Joseph Sumner is Sting’s son.)