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‘Command Versus Splat’

Jul. 13, ‘12: I was John Gruber’s guest on The Talk Show this week, and we wound up talking for almost two hours about Twitter, tablets, and some of the work I’ve been up to. Check it out if you love life.

This guy wants to build a new, better Twitter

Jul. 13, ‘12: “This guy” is Dalton Caldwell, former CEO of streaming music service Imeem, the guy who built Picplz that got leapfrogged by Instagram, and now founder of Dalton is the guy who wrote the post about the Twitter could have … Continue reading →

Time’s Up For ‘The Daily’?

Jul. 13, ‘12: The Daily, Rupert Murdoch’s iPad newspaper, is apparently on probation while News Corp. figures out “whether it could turn around losses that were estimated at roughly $30 million a year,” the NYT’s Amy Chozick reported yesterday. I don’t know The … Continue reading →

The iPhone Era is already longer than the iPod Era before it

Jul. 10, ‘12: You should read John Gruber’s whole take on the supposedly forthcoming 8-inch iPad mini — it’s good. But the thing that jumped out at me was a tiny detail: The game-changing iPod mini didn’t launch until early 2004, more than two … Continue reading →

Will Amazon subsidize its phone with ads?

Jul. 5, ‘12: Bloomberg says Amazon is making a phone. Not surprising; we’ve heard this before. But it’s worth another look at my post from last year: 5 questions about the Amazon smartphone. In particular, I’d love to see Amazon do something bolder … Continue reading →

Virgin America reports $49 million Q1 operating loss on $267 million sales

Jul. 5, ‘12: Virgin America’s focus on customer service and its in-flight amenities — popular with the tech set — haven’t yet translated into profits, as it continues to grow. The privately held company recently reported select Q1 financial results, with CEO David Cush noting … Continue reading →

Understanding Twitter

Jul. 2, ‘12: Hooray! The semi-annual Twitter Openness Shitstorm(tm) is upon us again. This time apparently sparked by Twitter’s move to stop syndicating tweets to LinkedIn, this developer blog post by Twitter’s newish product lead Michael Sippey, and the incredible amplifying effect Twitter (the … Continue reading →

RIM’s plunge in profitability is just insane

Jul. 2, ‘12: Horace Dediu gives RIM the Asymco treatment and, whoa, check out the last chart on operating margins. One lesson here, which we’re learning over and over, is just how quickly things can change in the mobile industry. When your customers … Continue reading →