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Why Mixel rebooted

Aug. 29, ‘12: Mixel CEO Khoi Vinh chats with Peter Kafka about why Mixel 1.0 didn’t work and why 2.0 might. One of the most interesting points: It’s very hard to build a social network consisting entirely of iPad users, without an iPhone … Continue reading →

How ‘Dark Sky’ works

Aug. 28, ‘12: In addition to my favorite weather site,, I’ve recently been relying on Dark Sky, a $4 iOS app, to help figure out if it’s going to rain or not. It has been disturbingly accurate and is a great-looking app. … Continue reading →

Who Is Apple’s Most Powerful Woman?

Aug. 27, ‘12: With a couple of promotions today, Apple rearranged its executive team photo matrix. It’s now a dozen middle-aged white guys, from CEO Tim Cook down to Jeff Williams, Apple’s SVP of Operations. The main diversity questions on the page seem to … Continue reading →

Gangnam Style! Inside A Samsung Mobile Store In Seoul

Aug. 27, ‘12: “Samsung Opens New Apple Store in Australia” reads John Paczkowski’s award-winning headline last week, relaying news and a photo of a new Samsung “Experience” shop in Sydney. The store doesn’t actually look that much like an Apple Store — okay, … Continue reading →

What the Apple-Samsung verdict means for innovation

Aug. 27, ‘12: One of the popular takeaways I’ve seen from Apple’s huge patent victory over Samsung is that it will stifle innovation. I actually think that’s the opposite of the truth. If anything, I hope it encourages companies to think up bold, … Continue reading →

Everything you need to know about the Apple-Samsung jury ‘nightmare’

Aug. 23, ‘12: Great reporting and analysis by The Verge. Was hoping someone would do something like this. Key point: This is hard work. Maybe too hard.

Twitter is giving the “Sign In With Facebook” team a lot to be happy about right now…

Aug. 23, ‘12: First Instagram, now Tumblr gets the boot, as Twitter focuses more on getting people to build stuff into Twitter and less on letting people extract stuff out of it. Solid analysis here by Dustin Curtis. But, it is interesting that … Continue reading →

What’s The Difference Between PayPal’s Discover Deal And Square’s Starbucks Partnership?

Aug. 23, ‘12: Lots of comparisons — some logical, some silly — between the two. It’s definitely a good move for PayPal, but I’m not sure how this “trumps” Square (All Things D) or will “outdo” Square (VentureBeat). They’re pretty different. PayPal & … Continue reading →

Which Business Is Shrinking Faster, Printers Or iPods?

Aug. 23, ‘12: Answer: It depends! HP’s overall printer group sales down 3% year-over-year last quarter, but a 13% drop in consumer printer revenue on 23% fewer unit sales. (Its larger commercial printing business actually grew 4% year-over-year.) Apple’s iPod revenue down 20% year-over-year … Continue reading →