Wednesday, August 29, 2012 at 9:52 am.

Why Mixel rebooted

Mixel CEO Khoi Vinh chats with Peter Kafka about why Mixel 1.0 didn’t work and why 2.0 might.

One of the most interesting points: It’s very hard to build a social network consisting entirely of iPad users, without an iPhone version.

Users of Mixel for iPad spent a lot of time in the app, and those numbers were consistently outperforming our benchmark category in the App Store.

But over time it became apparent that the usage patterns for the iPad are very different than for iPhone, at least at this stage of the device’s evolution. By and large, people leave their iPads at home — they don’t take them to work — so it’s really difficult to get someone to engage with the network during the course of the day. You lose tons of opportunities to get him or her to interact with their graph, and that’s basically like starvation for a new social network.

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