Monday, August 27, 2012 at 4:18 pm.

Gangnam Style! Inside A Samsung Mobile Store In Seoul

Samsung Mobile Store Gangnam Seoul

“Samsung Opens New Apple Store in Australia” reads John Paczkowski’s award-winning headline last week, relaying news and a photo of a new Samsung “Experience” shop in Sydney. The store doesn’t actually look that much like an Apple Store — okay, it’s clean, and has gadgets neatly laid out on tables, does that count? — but jokes are funny, so whatever.

Anyway: In the deepest levels of jetlag this May, I visited a then-brand-new Samsung Mobile shop in Gangnam, Seoul, while I was in Korea for ReadWriteWeb. It, too, felt a little like an Apple Store, including light wood-grain tables. But it also had some of its own Samsung je ne sais quoi.

I thought little of the visit at the time, but I haven’t seen anything else about this shop, so why not post these now? Click on an image to view full-size. Apologies for the quality — I was half-asleep and trying not to be noticed.