Wednesday, August 1, 2012 at 3:25 pm.

Visiting Korea’s ‘SimCity’

Songdo Central Park

I spent a week in South Korea earlier this year, researching Songdo, a city being built from scratch on reclaimed land that was once the Yellow Sea. (That’s “Central Park” above.) It’s a fascinating story of urban planning, technology, and a government investing in its future, and I’m happy that ReadWriteWeb let me check it out.

My two Songdo stories went up this week: The first, a big feature on the project itself, worth looking at just for the photos, and the second, a list of the cool features that a city built from scratch in 2012 has that yours doesn’t, like vacuum-powered garbage removal.

I also had an amazing view from my room at the Sheraton in Songdo, right along the flight path to nearby Incheon Airport. (One of the things driving Songdo is the concept of an “Aerotropolis” — that is, a city that’s built around an airport. Check out the book.)

Here’s a video I shot from my room as a plane flew through the setting sun, past the Incheon Bridge, landing at ICN.