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Why the iPhone 5 event is so huge for Apple

Sep. 12, ‘12: I’ve posted a few charts over at ReadWriteWeb. This one’s pretty fun: The iPhone business vs. Microsoft and the big tech giants, inspired by this MG Siegler post from February. Also: The Three iPhone 5 Features I Actually Care About

‘Sneakers’ turns 20

Sep. 10, ‘12: Solid re-review from Slate of one of my all-time favorite movies. Going to have to re-watch this one soon. (via Robin Sloan.) Also: Here’s Roger Ebert’s original review from 1992. He says, “It’s a sometimes entertaining movie, but thin.” Curious how … Continue reading →

The difference between Apple and Amazon in one chart

Sep. 10, ‘12: One of the most dramatic-yet-simple charts I’ve ever made or seen. Long-term questions: Will Amazon ever become more profitable? How and when? Will Amazon’s pricing strategy force Apple to lower its prices on some models, and potentially its profit margins? … Continue reading →

HP announces new iMac

Sep. 10, ‘12: Unfortunately, no retina display on this one, either.

‘The Art of the Restaurateur’

Sep. 10, ‘12: Speaking of the restaurant business, this new book by FT food writer Nicholas Lander looks interesting — both for its subject matter and its illustrations.

‘Check, Please: The challenge of creating a world-class restaurant — and turning a profit’

Sep. 8, ‘12: An interesting New Yorker feature (subscription required) by John Colapinto about today’s high-end restaurant business, focusing on New York’s Eleven Madison Park and its young, ambitious, perfectionist co-owners. As you might expect, there are parallels between a great restaurant and a … Continue reading →

What does the new Kindle Fire say about Amazon’s future smartphone?

Sep. 7, ‘12: The most intriguing idea I had, in addition to stuff like ad-supported subsidies, etc.: Could Amazon try to act as a middleman between its users and carriers, offering much cheaper 4G service? That’s what it’s doing with the Kindle Fire’s … Continue reading →

How Google builds its maps

Sep. 7, ‘12: Cool story by Alexis Madrigal for the Atlantic, especially how the Street View cars fit into everything: Google is up to five million miles driven now. Each drive generates two kinds of really useful data for mapping. One is the … Continue reading →

Amazon’s Amazing Kindle Growth Chart, 2012 Edition

Sep. 7, ‘12: Last September at Amazon’s Kindle launch event in New York, Jeff Bezos showed this amazing chart of Kindle e-book sales just edging past Amazon’s physical book sales. What a difference a year makes. Here’s a screenshot from today’s Amazon Kindle … Continue reading →

Amazon’s New Kindles

Sep. 6, ‘12: The one I’m most interested in is actually the Kindle Paperwhite. I’ve never actually bought a Kindle before — I’ve tested a bunch, but never felt I needed to own one — but I think the new light-up display could … Continue reading →