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‘The Magazine’ by Marco Arment, ‘For geeks like us’

Oct. 11, ‘12: Basically: (Instapaper app guts + Articles by well-liked tech-types) x App Store Newsstand subscription. Smart experiment. Related: It’s A Great Time For Magazines

Photoset by Tumblr

Oct. 11, ‘12: It’s “a new app for creating and sharing beautiful high-res photosets on your iPhone or iPad.” Looks nice, and I’m looking forward to trying it. Interesting to see Tumblr start a new brand and domain for Photoset. Probably smart — … Continue reading →

How your FreshDirect order comes together

Oct. 10, ‘12: Actually a neat, informative infographic by the New York Times, unlike most of the garbage out there. FreshDirect is often overlooked as a big, interesting digital/technology company. It’s more than just groceries.

Before you freak out about in-air cellphone service, check out the pricing

Oct. 8, ‘12: At All Things D, Ina Fried notes that Emirates is the latest airline to support OnAir‘s in-air mobile phone service: Whether customers see the service as a benefit probably depends on whether they are one of the executives yammering on … Continue reading →

‘America’s Mobile Comeback’

Oct. 8, ‘12: A decade ago, a tour of the world’s mobile-phone capitals might have started in Finland, home of Nokia, stopped in London to visit Sony Ericsson (itself a joint venture between a Swedish telecom giant and Japan’s gadget leader) to Korea … Continue reading →