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The Atlantic: ‘Mr. China Comes to America’

Nov. 29, ‘12: There’s a lot of talk about a new hardware renaissance, thanks to things like 3D printers, Kickstarter, etc. Here’s an interesting article by James Fallows about manufacturing opportunities and challenges in China and America. (Via Brooke Hammerling.)

BuzzFeed’s history of Pong

Nov. 29, ‘12: I love the way BuzzFeed put thought and resources into how an individual story should look. Most web publications don’t even seem to care about how their site looks, never mind a single article. (The Verge does this well, too. It’s … Continue reading →

Let’s Take A Moment To Appreciate The Nook

Nov. 29, ‘12: Think about it this way: A bookstore chain — Barnes & Noble — has developed, successfully executed, and iterated a computer hardware and digital media business — the Nook — into something that should generate well over $1 billion in sales … Continue reading →

The Awl’s new iOS app, ‘Weekend Companion’

Nov. 28, ‘12: The Awl’s new app delivers smart, longish articles on Fridays to your iOS device’s previously useless Newsstand folder. It’s a similar concept to Marco Arment’s “The Magazine,” which launched last month. The app isn’t quite as polished, but for these … Continue reading →

Tech press gobbles up fake Google press release for 400 pesos

Nov. 26, ‘12: ICOA CFO Erwin Vahlsing, Jr. speaks to the WSJ: (via Peter Kafka) “I have no idea where this press release came from, what basis it’s on, and we do not want any part of it,” Mr. Vahlsing said, adding that … Continue reading →

Long live cable… ESPN buys college football playoffs rights through 2026

Nov. 23, ‘12: ESPN would feature the games on ESPN, ESPN Radio, ESPN Mobile TV and via WatchESPN on computers, smartphones, tablets and Xbox LIVE. SplatF office pool: What year will you be able to stream those games without a cable (or equivalent) subscription? Ever?

The SplatF Holiday Gift Guide

Nov. 20, ‘12: I don’t believe it either, but it’s already late November. You’ve got about a month to figure out holiday gifts. And I’m here to help with a few ideas for the design geek/lumberjack/special lady in your life. 1) Funky wallets … Continue reading →

20 years of ‘Law & Order’ shows, in charts

Nov. 19, ‘12: Matthew Belinkie: At Overthinking It, Law & Order is analyzed by two separate yet equally important groups: the people who watch the show and send in the data, and the people who build the spreadsheets. These are their findings… Neat. (Via Nilay … Continue reading →

‘Is Siri really Apple’s future?’

Nov. 13, ‘12: Siri is a promise. A promise of a new computing environment, enormously empowering to the ordinary user, a new paradigm in our evolving relationship with machines. Siri could change Apple’s fortunes like iTunes and App Store…or end up being like … Continue reading →

SplatF on The Talk Show: ‘More Useful and Less Horrible’

Nov. 12, ‘12: Thanks to John Gruber for inviting me on The Talk Show again last week. This time, we mostly talked about two of my favorite topics: iPads and airplanes. A couple SplatF posts I referenced: 24 Hours With The iPad Mini: This … Continue reading →