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Two questions about YouTube ‘Channels’

Nov. 12, ‘12: Peter Kafka reports that Google will start renewing some production deals/investments for its YouTube “channels”… But not all of them: YouTube figures it will end up re-investing in up to 40 percent of its original channels by the time the … Continue reading →

How the NYC Subway got back on track after Sandy

Nov. 9, ‘12: To the subway’s chief maintenance officer, the storm’s encroaching waters were even more obvious. He was forced to flee with his flashlight from the South Ferry station in Lower Manhattan as the waters charged over the platform and up the … Continue reading →

An Early Sign That iOS Apps And Developers Will Get Access To Siri?

Nov. 8, ‘12: File this under idle speculation, but interesting enough to think about. The recent update to Apple’s Apple Store iOS app — the app for its online and retail stores — includes this feature: “Ask Siri to help you find prices and … Continue reading →

Nate Silver’s book

Nov. 7, ‘12: “The Signal and the Noise: Why So Many Predictions Fail — but Some Don’t.” Let’s read it together — I’m starting today. $13 for Kindle, $13 for iBooks, ~$16 for hardcover. (Affiliate links; your purchase supports SplatF.)

Businessweek’s Obama re-election cover

Nov. 7, ‘12: Spooky! (And the Romney cover that won’t run.) Businessweek’s transparency around its covers — including a weekly video in its iPad app explaining each cover’s design evolution — is pretty great. I’d say I’m surprised more magazines aren’t copying them, … Continue reading →

Twitter Stands Alone

Nov. 7, ‘12: In case you missed it, the United States elected a president yesterday. I try to stay away from politics — it’s only fun in Chicago, anyway — but last night, I anxiously tuned in. Election night television, it seems, hasn’t … Continue reading →

When will Apple cut Intel loose?

Nov. 5, ‘12: Bloomberg says today that it might happen eventually, but Apple is “unlikely to switch in the next few years.” I was thinking about this over the weekend while admiring the iPad mini’s thinness, and pondering how its tiny battery lasts … Continue reading →

Why wasn’t the iPad always ‘mini’?

Nov. 5, ‘12: I’ve been asked this one a few times, and John Gruber answers it well. I think there are several factors. First, I don’t think they could have, technically. The original iPad in 2010 was pretty thick compared even to the … Continue reading →

24 Hours With The iPad Mini: This Is The Real iPad

Nov. 5, ‘12: Apple’s iPad business has been a huge success since launching 2.5 years ago, selling more than 100 million tablets and generating about $60 billion in revenue. Now, with the new iPad mini in the picture — it launched last Friday … Continue reading →

Welcome to the Jony Ive Era

Nov. 1, ‘12: Here’s a good look at what’s going on at Apple, by Bloomberg’s Peter Burrows and Adam Satariano, as industrial design genius Jony Ive broadens his duties. If you missed the announcement, Ive will now oversee “Human Interface” at Apple — including … Continue reading →