Thursday, January 17, 2013 at 6:06 pm.

Select Consulting Availability This Winter And Spring

Dan Frommer

I might even wear a tie.

While I’m working on getting City Notes off the ground, I have some time over the next few months for very select consulting projects.

(Who am I? A quick reminder: A day-one employee of Business Insider, where I played an integral role in its growth from 0 to 10+ million monthly visitors over four years. There, I basically did everything but ad sales: Reporting, editing, managing, social media, design, CMS planning, events, etc. Also, I’m the proprietor of this site and a former technology reporter for Forbes. More here.)

My rates and level of interest will vary on the project and company; please e-mail me to discuss. Past clients include Microsoft, McKinsey, and various digital agencies.

Things I’d potentially do:

  • Evaluate your product or service (privately) and provide written and verbal feedback, including competitive analysis.
  • Listen to your media/press pitch and predict questions people might ask and/or poke holes in your story.
  • Tell you what they’re saying about you behind your back.
  • Talk to you and your staff about the thoughts, habits, and idiosyncrasies of modern-day web journalists, or other topics.
  • Attend conferences and provide written, visual, and/or verbal notes, tailored to your interests.
  • Editorial content creation/syndication/staffing/promotion strategy.
  • Research or analysis, potentially for publication.
  • High-level market analysis and discussion.
  • Startup brainstorming and/or reality-checks.
  • Conference/event conceptualization or speaking/moderation.
  • Vet potential clients or competitors.
  • Travel pretty much anywhere for our project.
  • Read your book or article, published or unpublished, and provide feedback.
  • Talk to strangers on your behalf.
  • Eat with you.
  • Speak with you over videoconference, connected by Emissary.

Things I won’t do:

  • Pitch journalists on your behalf.

Yes, this could put me into the (spooky!) line of journalistic conflict of interest. Seeing as how I’m hoping to spend the next several years of my life publishing iPhone travel guides, that’s a line I’m willing to cross — with disclosure — assuming the project is interesting.

If you do want my help for something, please get in touch. Thank you!