Tuesday, January 15, 2013 at 1:43 pm.

5 Questions About Facebook’s New ‘Graph Search’

  1. What happens to Bing? Facebook and Microsoft are supposed to be partners, and Facebook will continue to display some Bing results. But will Bing integrate the new Graph Search on its own site? Or is this the beginning of Facebook taking on Bing — and Google, of course — head-first? (Does Microsoft still own any Facebook shares?)
  2. What happens to LinkedIn? For most people, Facebook has enough relevant professional information that a work-related Facebook search may be more useful — and more natural to perform — than LinkedIn, which most people don’t visit as often. (See Facebook’s example here, regarding searching for journalists.) I suppose some privacy controls may get in the way?
  3. Where are Facebook’s search ads? That is, ultimately, how this could eventually become a big business for Facebook. (Although I’m not sure yet where purchase intent fits in here, and that’s a big reason why Google ads work. Finding places to shop or eat? Buying music and movies?) Will the ads be creepy?
  4. Will Apple integrate Facebook Search into Siri? That might actually be somewhat useful. It’s also about time to at least open up some more options for the iOS default search engine.
  5. What happens to Google? Probably not much, at least nothing fast. But this is a perfect example of where Facebook’s user data is far more valuable than Google’s — and why Google really, really needed Google+ to work. (Also, Hunter Walk notes that this highlights Google Now‘s importance.)
  6. Bonus! Where is that Facebook phone? Probably not something you’d release in January, anyway.