Saturday, January 19, 2013 at 10:17 am.

Surprise! American Airlines’ old-logo designer hates the new one

Massimo Vignelli, who created American Airlines’ iconic branding in the 1960s, talks to Businessweek:

This is the typical mistake that company presidents make: “I’ll change the logo, and the company will look new.” What you have to have is a president who knows how to run the company, and in that process knows how to evaluate the brand identity. Otherwise it becomes a wolf camouflaged by sheep. It’s still the same company that’s not going to be successful.

This, I agree with. But, as noted, American had to start painting its planes, so some change was necessary. It didn’t have to make a new logo or brand identity. But it did. As Vignelli concludes, I doubt this current one will be around in 25 years.

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