Wednesday, January 9, 2013 at 3:51 pm.

T-Mobile says its subscribers each ‘visit’ Facebook ~55 times per day on average

From a T-Mobile press release talking up a no-contract unlimited data plan:

In total, T-Mobile customers stream 32 million songs and visit Facebook 1.8 billion times per day.

With about 33 million T-Mobile subscribers, that suggests 1 song per sub, per day, on average, and 55 Facebook visits per sub, per day.

I’d love to know what counts as a “visit” to Facebook: Does loading a Like button on a random website count? Or receiving a push notification from Facebook? Or sending a Facebook message? Using a Facebook Connect login to sign in to another service? (Does Instagram count as Facebook?)

Either way, if that number is even remotely accurate, that’s pretty impressive. (It sounds high…) Most of those off-site uses shouldn’t really count as Facebook “visits” per se, but even pinging the service 55 times a day for little things — just on your phone — shows the power of the Facebook platform.

It’s easy to give Facebook crap for being lousy at mobile — it’s certainly a vulnerability, and Facebook could do more and better here — but it’s also pretty impressive how engrained it already is.