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And Now Let’s Take A Moment To Appreciate Hulu CEO Jason Kilar

Jan. 4, ‘13: On the eve of CES, Hulu CEO Jason Kilar announced his retirement today. Peter Kafka has a good take here, and Kilar’s note to his staff includes a number of stats worth being proud of. But in this case, the stats … Continue reading →

Dan Lyons: ‘Google’s FTC Settlement Is An Epic Fail For Microsoft’

Jan. 4, ‘13: Pretty much the only Google/FTC article you need to read. Microsoft — its momentum stunted by the U.S. government — has put a lot of effort into getting Google in trouble, too. That hasn’t really happened, and Microsoft now has … Continue reading →

Book Report: Inside Q101, Chicago’s Iconic 90s Alt-Rock Station

Jan. 3, ‘13: Working as a radio jock in the 1990s was surely a special experience: part rock star, part corporate vassal, part science project — perhaps like being a magazine writer in the 70s, or a Gawker editor in 2006. Growing up in … Continue reading →

How will Tumblr even get to $100 million in revenue this year?

Jan. 3, ‘13: Here’s Hunter Walk on Tumblr’s reported 2013 sales goal. Smart stuff from a guy who’s seen this sort of growth happen successfully, twice, and knows how tricky it is. From everything I’ve read 2012 was a year of monetization firsts for Tumblr … Continue reading →

60 Days Later, The iPad Mini Is Still, Without A Doubt, The Real iPad

Jan. 2, ‘13: A quick follow-up to my iPad mini review from November. Having spent the last two months using the iPad mini daily, I’d confidently reiterate my claim that this is the “real iPad.” Picking up the big, heavy iPad every few … Continue reading →

Is This The New Kevin Rose Businessweek Cover?

Jan. 2, ‘13: Jeff Bercovici profiles Tumblr and founder/CEO David Karp for Forbes: The company finished 2012 with $13 million in revenue; the hope in this “leap” year is that it’ll get to $100 million. If it can hit that sales figure, profits … Continue reading →