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You’ve Found SplatF’s New Server

Mar. 28, ‘13: If you can see this, you’ve made it — I moved SplatF to a new host on Wednesday. Long story short, Dreamhost — which has actually been a solid, reliable host for my personal sites for almost a decade — … Continue reading →

SplatF’s List Of Banned Words

Mar. 26, ‘13: Clarity is important to me. (Well, it’s no. 7 on my list of 10 steps to better writing.) I don’t expect everyone to understand everything on this site — some level of business and technical fluency is probably necessary — but I consciously … Continue reading →

“No contracts!*”

Mar. 26, ‘13: — *Except the one where you need to keep paying T-Mobile $20/month for your iPhone for two years.

Imagine This Chart As An Actual Hot-Air Balloon

Mar. 22, ‘13: ‘Skeuomorphism’ Curiosity Fades Fast:

7 Things That Could Have Killed Twitter, But Didn’t

Mar. 21, ‘13: Looking back on Twitter’s seventh birthday. Twitter is observing its seventh birthday today — that is, it’s been 7 years since Jack Dorsey’s stirring “just setting up my twttr” tweet. In Twitter’s celebratory blog post, it says it now has … Continue reading →

The End Of Android

Mar. 20, ‘13: Irresponsible speculation about Google’s management change. Why is Andy Rubin no longer running the mobile platform he created? Who knows. Probably only a few people know the real reason. Maybe Andy doesn’t even know. This sort of stuff is complicated. … Continue reading →

American Airlines’ New Award Flights Map

Mar. 20, ‘13: We’ve seen flight-booking maps before, but this one lets you see where you can afford to fly for “free” on American Airlines frequent-flier miles. Type in your departure and return dates, where you want to go — Europe, Hawaii, Beach, … Continue reading →

Starbucks x Square, Roasted

Mar. 20, ‘13: Fast Company tests Starbucks’ “pay with Square” feature at nearly two-dozen locations and has a pretty lousy experience. No big deal. Fast Company’s Austin Carr writes: At worst, the service simply did not work. On average, however, the user experience … Continue reading →