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“…Even a human fossil must concede that the smartphone trumps the alt-weekly as a boredom killer.”

Mar. 16, ‘13: — Jack Shafer tracks the fall of the alt-weekly. (Via Peter Kafka.)

“Dropbox acquires Microsoft for patents.”

Mar. 15, ‘13: — Future SplatF headline. Mailbox today, OS tomorrow?

Welcome To SplatF 3.0!

Mar. 14, ‘13: Less clutter, designed for mobile, and more room for creativity. A few days ago, I decided that I couldn’t write another post for the existing SplatF — there were too many things bothering me about it. (That’s also the same … Continue reading →

Say Quarterly, the new online magazine from Say Media

Mar. 11, ‘13: In addition to selling ads on sites like mine, Say Media also publishes a great quarterly magazine. (That’s where my big feature story on the evolution of tech journalism ran last year.) As of this issue, the magazine is now digital, … Continue reading →

Pigs Fly! The U.S. Is Kicking Europe’s Butt At Mobile

Mar. 5, ‘13: For the past week, I’ve been researching in Paris, where the streets are filled with beautiful people, the cheese is everything, and the mobile Internet is slow. Or, at least, slower than what I’ve gotten used to in the States, … Continue reading →