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“Here, again, technology’s getting in the way: It’s so advanced that technicians can’t figure out what’s wrong with it.”

Apr. 10, ‘13: — The never-ending Berlin airport fiasco, in this case. But it could describe a lot of things. Sometimes, we deserve ourselves.

“Google is making this move … to finally put some pressure on cable and phone companies — America’s biggest ISPs — to upgrade their own networks faster.”

Apr. 9, ‘13: — I probably underestimated Google a bit in this 2010 article about Google Fiber, but that was a pretty good way to look at it.

“Today, AT&T announced … it is prepared to build an advanced fiber optic infrastructure in Austin, Texas, capable of delivering speeds up to 1 gigabit per second.”

Apr. 9, ‘13: — There’s a big difference between “prepared to” and reality. Don’t get too excited yet.

Ron Johnson’s Big Mistake

Apr. 9, ‘13: Johnson’s ideas for a modern department store were good. But JC Penney was the wrong place for them. Ron Johnson’s science experiment as CEO of JC Penney ended last night. He’s being replaced by the guy he replaced, a sign … Continue reading →

“BuzzFeed is an opinionated publication with a point of view, and their opinion is cats are funny.”

Apr. 8, ‘13: — One of three “cat” mentions in NYMag’s BuzzFeed profile.

Microsoft’s Mobile Comeback Isn’t Happening

Apr. 5, ‘13: We’re only talking about the world’s biggest software company and the future of computers. So far, it’s still basically irrelevant. To Microsoft’s credit, Windows 8 and Windows Phone seem like solid products. There are some Windows features I’d like to … Continue reading →

Who’s Going To Buy The Facebook Phone?

Apr. 4, ‘13: Facebook unveiled its long-awaited mobile phone platform today. It is, as assumed, a Facebook “layer” on top of Google Android. I haven’t had a chance to use it yet, or even take a detailed look at the presentation. But I … Continue reading →

‘Twitter Is My Co-Pilot’

Apr. 3, ‘13: LinkedIn asked me to write a post about my most important, must-have business tool for its “Things I Carry” series. I wrote about Twitter, which I am probably unhealthily addicted to. This stuff might seem obvious to the regular SplatF … Continue reading →

“I’ll be able at last to do what I’ve always fantasized about doing: reviewing only the movies I want to review.”

Apr. 3, ‘13: — Roger Ebert steps back to focus on his health and his new venture, Ebert Digital.