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Citi Bike Is My New iPhone

Jun. 28, ‘13: Citi Bike has already changed my life. How will it change New York? (Cross-posted from City Notes.) New York’s new bike-sharing system, now a month old, is still working out the kinks. It’s sometimes impossible to find a bike, and sometimes … Continue reading →

iOS 7: A Week Later

Jun. 19, ‘13: The initial reaction to Apple’s iOS 7 has ranged from thoughtful and provocative to trite and absurd — as you might expect anytime Apple does anything moderately interesting. I consider myself in the “give them time, they’ll probably get it … Continue reading →

iOS 7: Beyond The Flatness

Jun. 11, ‘13: Yes, Apple’s new mobile operating system looks different. Now what? I actually like the way Apple’s new iOS 7 looks. I don’t immediately prefer it to what it’s replacing — the original iPhone OS was one of the most beautiful … Continue reading →

City Notes San Francisco Is Here

Jun. 10, ‘13: Just in time for WWDC, with a special $0.99 launch price. A quick update about City Notes, my local/travel guides startup. We’re going on a summer blitz of new releases, starting with today’s launch of our new San Francisco travel guide. … Continue reading →

“Holy shit.”

Jun. 10, ‘13: — iOS 7.

“The switch to Android first hasn’t happened yet, but at least based on conversations I’ve had with entrepreneurs, it seems likely to happen in the next year or two.”

Jun. 3, ‘13: — Chris Dixon has some interesting thoughts on mobile. We’ll have to check on this in a year or so — I’ll set a reminder in my, uh, Google calendar.