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Introducing The iPhone 5 SF

Jul. 30, ‘13: Pairs well with City Notes San Francisco.

“Hatching Twitter: A true story of money, power, friendship, and betrayal.”

Jul. 23, ‘13: — I’m looking forward to reading Nick Bilton’s Twitter book this fall.

Data Roaming Report: Virgin Mobile Canada

Jul. 17, ‘13: I’ve traveled extensively over the past 1.5 years with unlocked iPhones — first an Apple-unlocked 4S, and now a Verizon Wireless iPhone 5 — buying local prepaid SIM cards along the way. I’ve meant to start reporting my data roaming … Continue reading →

The App Store Era’s Biggest Winners And Losers

Jul. 9, ‘13: Five years in, here’s who has done the best and who’s lost the most. Winners Apple. Obviously. Apple’s iPhone App Store wasn’t the first way to load apps on your smartphone, but it was the best and quickly became the … Continue reading →