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‘Peak Mac’ Revisited

Jan. 31, ‘14: Three decades in. How many left? Apple’s Mac business recently celebrated its 30th birthday. In an era where entire products, companies and platforms seldom last more than one decade, three is exceptionally impressive. And not only is the Mac alive, … Continue reading →

How Will Apple React To Google’s $3 Billion Nest Deal?

Jan. 13, ‘14: Probably by doing nothing differently. Just because Larry Page is on an aggressive investment rampage — Waze, Über, now ex-Apple exec Tony Fadell’s Nest — that shouldn’t change the Apple playbook: Say no a hundred times more than you say … Continue reading →

Dear Hollywood, This Is The Problem

Jan. 10, ‘14: WTF is this? I can’t remember a time when there were more movies in theaters that I actually wanted to see — you’ve still got it. But this consumer tech stuff… still way too unfriendly.

Mini Beats Air

Jan. 9, ‘14: But what I really want now is a 6-inch iPhone and a big-ass kitchen iPad. It’s been about a month and a half since I upgraded my iPad Mini to the new retina variety. Apple was also kind enough to … Continue reading →

Long Live The #Shortread

Jan. 6, ‘14: Among its other accomplishments in 2013, Twitter ate this site. But now I’m taking it back. What I mean by that: Last year, when I had a fun or interesting thought, I almost always just tweeted about it and moved … Continue reading →