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Try To Find Samsung’s Logo In These Japan ‘Galaxy’ Ads

Dec. 21, ‘12: Sony’s downfall is a depressing, embarrassing topic in Japan. Almost as bad, I’d guess, is the idea that Samsung — a Korean company, and previously the RC Cola of electronics — is now more successful at gadget-making than Sony. It’s … Continue reading →

Amazon wants to be a BIG player in mobile ads

Jul. 31, ‘12: Good luck cutting through the corporate jargon on this job posting. But my takeaway is that Amazon is very serious about becoming a leader in mobile advertising. Given Amazon’s apparent disregard for maximizing profits, I wonder if a mostly or completely ad-supported … Continue reading →

How Much User Data Is Boingo Sharing With Free-NYC-WiFi-Sponsor Google? Apparently, None

Jul. 26, ‘12: Google (specifically, Google Offers) has been sponsoring free Boingo wifi in a few NYC Subway stations this summer. My first question was: Well, what’s in it for Google? The Boingo login page encourages you to sign up for Google Offers, … Continue reading →

What Apple Propaganda Looked Like 15 Years Ago: The 1997 MacAdvocate CD-ROM

Jul. 19, ‘12: Apple has long been fortunate to have an excited fan base promoting its products and helping lure first-time buyers. But did you know that Apple used to distribute free collateral to help its biggest fans spread the message? That’s what … Continue reading →

Understanding Twitter

Jul. 2, ‘12: Hooray! The semi-annual Twitter Openness Shitstorm(tm) is upon us again. This time apparently sparked by Twitter’s move to stop syndicating tweets to LinkedIn, this developer blog post by Twitter’s newish product lead Michael Sippey, and the incredible amplifying effect Twitter (the … Continue reading →

The majority of Twitter’s revenue now comes from mobile

Jun. 28, ‘12: Shira Ovide for the WSJ: On most days, Twitter is now generating the majority of its revenue from ads shown to its users on mobile gadgets, rather than from ads on Twitter.com, company executives said. Meanwhile, from Facebook’s IPO filing: … Continue reading →

Henry Blodget: Advertising already a $1 billion business for Amazon

Mar. 5, ‘12: Amazon, for its part, is now hiring aggressively to build up its advertising business, which, according to one industry source, already does more than $1 billion of ad revenue a year. One such hire is Jamie Wells, an ex-agency guy … Continue reading →

Why Apple doesn’t buy Super Bowl ads

Feb. 6, ‘12: John Gruber nails it: Super Bowl ads bring high-profile attention to major announcements. Apple doesn’t need pay for Super Bowl ads to get high-profile attention for their major announcements.

The ‘Eggs In One Basket’ Index

Feb. 3, ‘12: Earlier, I noted how Facebook’s advertising business generated 85% of its revenue last year, down from 95% in 2010, as its payments business is helping it diversify away from ads. Then I saw this post by Ed Bott, comparing Microsoft, … Continue reading →

How Does Facebook Make Money?

Feb. 3, ‘12: Facebook’s IPO filing this week confirmed what we already knew: Facebook makes the vast majority of its money by selling ads on its site. But now we know just how much of its revenue comes from advertising: 85% in 2011, … Continue reading →