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Barcodes I can get behind

Jul. 8, ‘11: Let’s clear something up: Not all barcodes need to go away — just when they’re used poorly in advertising. Barcodes are useful for many things! And they look cool. Cool enough to be art. (Thanks to Josh Stylman for the … Continue reading →

The worst QR code I’ve seen

Jul. 8, ‘11: My post “Death to the QR Code” has now passed the 100 comment mark at Business Insider, with many people telling me that I’m an idiot and that QR codes are the future of advertising. I still disagree. At best, … Continue reading →

Apple’s iAd is starting to crumble

Jul. 7, ‘11: Bloomberg’s Adam Satariano reports: Apple has cut the minimum ad purchase from $1 million to $500,000, and it’s offering agencies deals for as low as $300,000 if they bring together multiple campaigns, the two people said. The minimum purchase — … Continue reading →

The future of advertising

Jul. 7, ‘11: My latest special report for Business Insider just went up. This one’s about the future of advertising. Inside: A handy glossary of current ad jargon, an essay calling for the death of the QR code, a piece exploring why the … Continue reading →