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Book Report: Lufthansa + Graphic Design

Jan. 21, ‘13: American Airlines unveiled a new look last week, throwing out its decades-old, iconic branding for a modern feel. So it was timely and interesting to read this week about Germany’s Lufthansa, which also adopted a minimalist, Helvetica-based look in the … Continue reading →

Thinking Positive About American Airlines’ New Look

Jan. 17, ‘13: Part of me just died. I flew about 75,000 miles on American Airlines planes last year, my first flight ever was aboard an American DC-10, and I’ll always love the old Helvetica logo and minimalist livery. (Second only to the … Continue reading →

Brace Yourselves For American Airlines’ Imminent Rebranding

Jan. 16, ‘13: In a recent New York Magazine, Paul Ford writes about “crowdsmashing” — the newish phenomenon in which people revolt online when companies crap up their branding. His examples include the “Gap Logo Debacle of 2010″ and the University of California’s recent logo … Continue reading →

Before you freak out about in-air cellphone service, check out the pricing

Oct. 8, ‘12: At All Things D, Ina Fried notes that Emirates is the latest airline to support OnAir‘s in-air mobile phone service: Whether customers see the service as a benefit probably depends on whether they are one of the executives yammering on … Continue reading →

Virgin America reports $49 million Q1 operating loss on $267 million sales

Jul. 5, ‘12: Virgin America’s focus on customer service and its in-flight amenities — popular with the tech set — haven’t yet translated into profits, as it continues to grow. The privately held company recently reported select Q1 financial results, with CEO David Cush noting … Continue reading →

Flying the 787 ‘Dreamliner’: My first $200-million-gadget review

May. 7, ‘12: I flew Boeing’s new 787 to Japan last week — one of its first commercial flights from the U.S. Here’s my review, including some photos. In short: It’s still flying. But it’s nice and new and exciting, and the big, … Continue reading →

Virgin America’s busiest wi-fi route

Apr. 23, ‘12: NYCAviation’s Matt Molnar chats with Virgin America CEO David Cush: Any idea what the wifi usage rate is on Virgin America compared to other carriers? We’re certainly higher than other guys. On a system average we’re in the low- to … Continue reading →

Gogo’s IPO filing: 10 big takeaways

Dec. 23, ‘11: Gogo, the company that provides most in-flight wi-fi service in the U.S., just filed to go public, aiming to raise up to $100 million. Here’s a link to its IPO filing with the SEC. Big picture: Most planes still don’t … Continue reading →

3 things your startup can learn from the American Airlines bankruptcy

Nov. 29, ‘11: American Airlines parent company AMR filed for Chapter 11 today, to restructure, cut costs, and ideally, to return to profitability. Here’s what I took away with it, when thinking about applying it to the tech world. Your cost structure is … Continue reading →

United Airlines buys 11,000 iPads for flight decks

Aug. 23, ‘11: Here’s United’s press release – another cool example of the iPad invading the enterprise. Beyond giving pilots access to new technology — and replacing about 38 pounds of paper books and charts in the cockpit — there’s also a side benefit … Continue reading →