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American Airlines launches in-flight streaming TV and movie rentals

Aug. 3, ‘11: It’s rolling out first on AA’s 767-200 planes, which it flies on the key JFK-SFO and JFK-LAX routes. Movies will cost $4 and TV episodes will cost $1 each; you don’t have to buy wi-fi access to stream them. But … Continue reading →

Random airplane boarding saves time, American Airlines discovers

Jul. 21, ‘11: As Scott McCartney reports for the WSJ, it also allows AA to offer another fee-based service: Express boarding. For passengers who find American’s random boarding too risky, there are options to board early. “Express Seating” offers Group 1 boarding and … Continue reading →

The airplane industry needs its iPhone

Jul. 14, ‘11: Reading airplane industry news these days reminds me a lot of the smartphone business before Apple stunned everyone with the iPhone in 2007. That is: A few companies getting by with minor updates to their products, letting a few big … Continue reading →