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Will Amazon subsidize its phone with ads?

Jul. 5, ‘12: Bloomberg says Amazon is making a phone. Not surprising; we’ve heard this before. But it’s worth another look at my post from last year: 5 questions about the Amazon smartphone. In particular, I’d love to see Amazon do something bolder … Continue reading →

Side-By-Side: The Apple Store, Best Buy, And Amazon

Apr. 19, ‘12: Amazon will finally pass Best Buy in revenue this year, and my latest post at ReadWriteWeb charts the companies’ growth in sales and profits dating back to 1995. What happens when you toss in the Apple Store? As this chart … Continue reading →

Henry Blodget: Advertising already a $1 billion business for Amazon

Mar. 5, ‘12: Amazon, for its part, is now hiring aggressively to build up its advertising business, which, according to one industry source, already does more than $1 billion of ad revenue a year. One such hire is Jamie Wells, an ex-agency guy … Continue reading →

Amazon reportedly developing a retail store in Seattle

Feb. 6, ‘12: If this report, by Michael Kozlowski for Good E-Reader, is true, it actually makes some sense. Never mind the age-old Amazon sales tax issue: I’ve been paying tax on Amazon orders in New York for years, and my willingness to … Continue reading →

Amazon Kindle sales almost triple to ???

Jan. 31, ‘12: As expected, Amazon didn’t reveal how many Kindle Fires it sold last quarter in today’s earnings report. But it did say that Kindle unit sales grew 177% year-over-year during the 9 weeks ending Dec. 31, 2011. That’s better than Apple’s … Continue reading →

Amazon is doing its real job: Squeezing retail chains

Jan. 5, ‘12: One of the dramas in tech right now is the story around Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet and its potential to mess up Apple’s iPad business. I don’t think the Kindle Fire (an okay-but-not-great media tablet) is a real, long-term threat … Continue reading →

The big problem with buying RIM is that there isn’t only one big problem

Dec. 21, ‘11: As RIM’s sales sputter and its market value falls, potential buyers are starting to sniff around. Reuters reports that Amazon took a look this past summer. The WSJ reports that Microsoft and Nokia have considered a joint bid for RIM. … Continue reading →

Kindle Fire purchase intent already at one-third the iPad’s level

Nov. 21, ‘11: When people think about buying a tablet, Apple’s iPad is (obviously) still their first pick. But it’s impressive how many people are aware of — and are considering — Amazon’s newish Kindle Fire tablet. According to ChangeWave survey results, for … Continue reading →

5 questions about the Amazon smartphone

Nov. 17, ‘11: Amazon is preparing a “mid-end” smartphone that could launch by the end of next year, Citi analyst Mark Mahaney reported today, citing work by colleague Kevin Chang. Assuming this is true, it’s easy to understand why Amazon would want to … Continue reading →

Apple’s iBooks app rides the iPhone 4S wave, Amazon Kindle app doesn’t

Oct. 17, ‘11: Here’s one more chart showing some interesting iPhone App Store mechanics over the past week. Apple updated its iBooks app last Tuesday ahead of the iOS 5 and iPhone 4S launches, and featured it in the App Store. Over the … Continue reading →