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Will Android ever beat Google’s search market share?

Sep. 14, ‘11: I posted yesterday about how Google’s search share seems “stuck” at 65%. At first blush, 65% seems low, considering that the word “Google” is synonymous with search. But search is fragmented, and rival portals with huge audiences or big budgets … Continue reading →

Philly’s Android tablet newspaper: “Arnova 10 G2″ starts at $285

Sep. 12, ‘11: The Philadelphia newspaper Android tablet is launching at $285 including a 1-year digital subscription: $129 upfront, plus $13 per month for the papers. (There’s also a 2-year package available for $99 upfront, plus $10 per month, a total price of … Continue reading →

What’s new isn’t: Samsung just launched a 6-month-old phone, and that’s okay

Aug. 31, ‘11: One of the things you always hear about the mobile industry is that it’s moving so fast and that new phones are coming out every week and that it’s hard but important to keep up. But that’s only half-true. Things … Continue reading →

Next year’s BlackBerries will run Android apps… but not the way you think

Aug. 24, ‘11: Future BlackBerry phones running on RIM’s QNX platform will be able to run apps built for Google Android, Bloomberg’s Hugo Miller and Olga Kharif report. This makes sense, but it’s probably not as good as it sounds. RIM has already announced plans … Continue reading →

Apple could easily take 75% of the tablet market this year

Aug. 19, ‘11: The way things are going, Apple could sell 40 million iPads this year. It already sold 14 million in the first half of the year, and Christmas could be huge, unless the economy falls into the toilet. Between all the … Continue reading →

Amazingly, Microsoft might not miss the boat on tablets

Aug. 17, ‘11: Microsoft tablets based on Windows 8 won’t be ready until next year. Unexpectedly, that might not be too late to matter. Yes, Microsoft is still inexcusably tardy. Steve Ballmer first showed off that HP “slate” at CES in 2010 — … Continue reading →

Michael Dell: Windows 8 on tablets “pretty encouraging” in early going

Aug. 17, ‘11: Michael Dell, on Dell’s earnings call yesterday, via Seeking Alpha: We’re still quite interested in Android. I’ll also tell you that our early work on Windows 8 on the tablet side looks to be pretty encouraging. And so, we think … Continue reading →

Of course Google’s Android partners will keep using Android — they don’t have a choice

Aug. 16, ‘11: Now that Google is buying Motorola, there’s an idea out there that many of Google’s Android partners, like Samsung, HTC, and LG, will start moving away from Android and building more of their phones on rival operating systems. But that’s … Continue reading →

Google-Motorola: Winners and losers

Aug. 15, ‘11: Google’s move to acquire Motorola for $12.5 billion will shift some of the power and balance in the mobile industry. Here are some of the initial winners and losers: Winners Motorola and Sanjay Jha: Let’s be honest — the comeback wasn’t … Continue reading →

Google buys Motorola, patents, and an Android business model for $12.5 billion

Aug. 15, ‘11: Huge and totally unexpected deal, but it actually makes sense. Here’s Google’s blog post (“Supercharging Android”) and press release for the acquisition. If the Feds let the deal go through… Google would own all of Motorola’s patents, and could license … Continue reading →