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The new red vs. blue: Is your state an iPhone state or an Android state?

Aug. 5, ‘11: Jumptap, a mobile ad network, just published its latest monthly metrics dump, including this map, which highlights the dominant smartphone platform in each state. In particular, it seems that the south and west are Google Android country, while the north … Continue reading →

Google is right: The smartphone “patent bubble” is lame

Aug. 3, ‘11: Patents are becoming a pain in the butt for Google. So it seemed like only a matter of time before the company started a campaign for patent reform. It just did, with a blog post by chief legal officer David … Continue reading →

4 lessons from Amazon’s Android Appstore

Aug. 2, ‘11: Developer Shifty Jelly offers a frustrated but interesting take on Amazon’s Android Appstore (via Techmeme). Here’s what I took away: Amazon’s Appstore can be tiny. Shifty Jelly only sold four copies of its app over a three-day span in June. That’s not … Continue reading →

Survey says: 94% of iPhone owners want another iPhone, 47% of Android owners want another Android

Aug. 1, ‘11: Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster surveyed 216 mobile phone subscribers: Among existing iPhone users 94% expect to buy another iPhone (6% expect to switch to Android); among existing Android users 47% expect to buy another Android smartphone (42% expect to … Continue reading →

Apple lawsuit forces Amazon to stop accepting new “Appstore” apps in Germany

Jul. 30, ‘11: Apple’s efforts to get Amazon to stop using the word “Appstore” to describe its app store have not been successful yet. But Apple has caused Amazon some trouble in Germany: Amazon has recently stopped accepting new apps from developers there because … Continue reading →

Apple sells more tablets in 2 weeks than Motorola plans to ship all year

Jul. 28, ‘11: Motorola confirmed today that its Xoom tablet, running on Google’s Android platform, is a flop. Here’s Ina Fried, reporting for All Things D: Motorola said on Thursday that it expects to sell 1.3 million to 1.5 tablets for the full year, … Continue reading →

Logitech: More Google TV box returns than sales*

Jul. 28, ‘11: No surprise, but it sounds like Google’s entry into the TV software market isn’t going very well. From Logitech’s fiscal Q1/calendar Q2 remarks to shareholders: (PDF via GigaOM) Q1 was a very weak quarter for sales of Logitech Revue. While … Continue reading →

How the social games business on mobile is different than on Facebook

Jul. 27, ‘11: Facebook’s web platform has helped social gaming companies like Zynga attract tens of millions of users and hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue. But replicating that success on mobile is a much different challenge: App development, marketing, discovery, and … Continue reading →

Facebook for iPhone now has 85 million active users, up 50% in 7 months

Jul. 25, ‘11: Facebook’s iPhone app just passed 85 million monthly active users, according to the Facebook for iPhone page. That’s up 50% from 7 months ago, around Christmas, when it had 57 million active users. How about Facebook’s penetration among iOS devices? … Continue reading →

More Windows Phone 7 customers are “Very Satisfied” than Android customers

Jul. 18, ‘11: More Apple iPhone customers are “Very Satisfied” with their phones than any other platform, new survey results from ChangeWave Research suggest. (This is typical.) But more Microsoft Windows Phone 7 customers appear to be “Very Satisfied” than Google Android customers, … Continue reading →