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The Apple TV App Store Can’t Be Too Far Away

Aug. 27, ‘13: Apple TV owners just got a bunch more channels: Vevo, the Weather Channel, more from Disney, and Smithsonian. This follows a recent update that added HBO Go and ESPN apps, and represents a continued acceleration of new content being added … Continue reading →

What Does Roku’s New Time Warner Cable App Mean For The Apple TV?

Jan. 8, ‘13: Maybe a little. The news: Roku and Time Warner Cable — the second-largest U.S. cable provider — announced yesterday that TWC subscribers will be able to use Roku video-streaming gadgets as set-top boxes, featuring up to 300 channels. (PDF release.) … Continue reading →

‘The First Apple Channel’

Sep. 5, ‘12: Craig Hockenberry is paying attention: Dear Tech Media, While you’re looking for meaning in the shadows of an Apple press invite, you’re missing something important: Apple is producing content for its own distribution channel.

The cable guys win again

Aug. 16, ‘12: Good summary by Peter Kafka why Apple isn’t going to change the TV business anytime soon. (Context: A WSJ article reporting that Apple is talking with the cable companies about some sort of Apple TV “box”.) If you want to … Continue reading →

Hulu Plus arrives on Apple TV

Jul. 31, ‘12: It begins… Related: Why Wasn’t Apple In The Running To Buy Hulu?

Which New iPad?

Mar. 8, ‘12: Sometimes Apple makes things simple. Sometimes it does not. There are many iPads to choose from today. More than yesterday. I pre-ordered the 32 GB black wi-fi-only ‘iPad’ (third generation) today, and a new Apple TV (my first) to go … Continue reading →

Why Apple Would Dare Partner With Those Evil Cable/Telco TV Providers

Feb. 7, ‘12: At GigaOm, Ryan Lawler walks through the latest reports and speculation about Apple’s TV set, including supposed partnerships in the works with cable and telco TV providers. Why would Apple want to partner with these horrible monopolies when it is … Continue reading →

Here’s the trouble with “Apps as TV channels”

Nov. 1, ‘11: One of Apple’s big opportunities to reinvent TV is to change how shows are distributed. So far, it has had modest success with iTunes TV downloads, but little beyond that: iTunes TV “rentals” never took off, and Apple seems to … Continue reading →

Here’s why Apple’s TV needs to be an actual television, and not just a cheap add-on box

Oct. 27, ‘11: One of the most frequently asked (and smartest) questions about the supposedly forthcoming Apple television is: Why does it need to be an actual TV set? Why can’t it just be an accessory like today’s $99 Apple TV thing? That … Continue reading →