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Here’s how Apple could finally put the “TV” in Apple TV

Oct. 24, ‘11: After reinventing the mobile phone (iPhone) and personal computer (iPad), it makes sense for Apple to eventually apply its magic to the living room. The company has been clear to distance itself a bit from the existing Apple TV box … Continue reading →

Matt Mullenweg on what’s next for Apple

Oct. 12, ‘11: Some good ideas from the founder of WordPress. I’m especially interested in what Apple has planned for the living room. As Matt notes: My TV takes 5-10 seconds longer to turn on than my iPad. “Smart TVs” look like “smart … Continue reading →

Apple just set itself up for a huge product year in 2012

Oct. 4, ‘11: Apple’s product launches this year have been mostly evolutionary. That sets the stage for a potentially huge 2012. Consider what Apple released in 2010: The first iPad, the amazing iPhone 4 with “retina” display, the tiny new Apple TV, the … Continue reading →

Google TV price cut is working: Logitech Revue now in Amazon’s top 10

Aug. 5, ‘11: After Logitech cut the price of the Revue Google TV box to $99 from $250, sales seem to have surged. (At least on Amazon, which should actually be a decent proxy.) The Revue is now Amazon’s no. 10 best-selling electronics … Continue reading →

How Netflix and Hulu subscribers watch videos

Jul. 27, ‘11: New survey results from Nielsen, via All Things D’s Peter Kafka. A few reactions: The fact that more than 10% of Netflix subscribers report watching on every major game console and even on connected Blu-ray players is great evidence of how … Continue reading →