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‘Peak Mac’ Revisited

Jan. 31, ‘14: Three decades in. How many left? Apple’s Mac business recently celebrated its 30th birthday. In an era where entire products, companies and platforms seldom last more than one decade, three is exceptionally impressive. And not only is the Mac alive, … Continue reading →

How Will Apple React To Google’s $3 Billion Nest Deal?

Jan. 13, ‘14: Probably by doing nothing differently. Just because Larry Page is on an aggressive investment rampage — Waze, Über, now ex-Apple exec Tony Fadell’s Nest — that shouldn’t change the Apple playbook: Say no a hundred times more than you say … Continue reading →

Mini Beats Air

Jan. 9, ‘14: But what I really want now is a 6-inch iPhone and a big-ass kitchen iPad. It’s been about a month and a half since I upgraded my iPad Mini to the new retina variety. Apple was also kind enough to … Continue reading →

The Great Apple Lull

Oct. 28, ‘13: Is excitement around Apple winding down? Or winding up? An infant could not have drawn it better: This is Apple’s last decade in one line. (No, it’s not the snake from The Little Prince eating a genetically modified elephant.) Technically, … Continue reading →

Android Curious

Sep. 20, ‘13: This summer, for the first time, I thought seriously about switching to a Google phone. But — for now, at least — I’m sticking with Apple. It’s iPhone day. For six years — mostly while I was writing tech news … Continue reading →

“This is the first year when last year’s specs remain good enough to serve as the mass market new iPhone.”

Sep. 11, ‘13: — John Gruber nails the key to the iPhone 5C: Smartphones have matured to the point that last year’s is still more than good enough. This is the phone I’d recommend to most people now, and should become Apple’s best-seller. This … Continue reading →

iPhone 5 S.C., As In, Supply Constraints?

Sep. 10, ‘13: Today’s iPhone 5S/5C event went spookily close to the predictions. The phones look fine, and I think the colors will actually help. I’m excited about the future potential of fingerprint identity, payments, and whatever else it may someday enable. The … Continue reading →

The Apple TV App Store Can’t Be Too Far Away

Aug. 27, ‘13: Apple TV owners just got a bunch more channels: Vevo, the Weather Channel, more from Disney, and Smithsonian. This follows a recent update that added HBO Go and ESPN apps, and represents a continued acceleration of new content being added … Continue reading →

300 Days With The iPad Mini

Aug. 26, ‘13: It’s still — very much — the ‘real iPad’. The major difference between the iPad mini and my original iPad, purchased in 2010: I’m still actually using this one every day, almost a year after I bought it. That wasn’t … Continue reading →

How Great Is The MacBook Air?

Aug. 5, ‘13: My sticky trackpad just fixed itself after an increasingly worrying week of soft, shallow clicks. This miracle means I can hold off on the impulse-replacement-purchase that I’d started to consider. Now’s just not the best time for that, so I’m … Continue reading →