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The App Store Era’s Biggest Winners And Losers

Jul. 9, ‘13: Five years in, here’s who has done the best and who’s lost the most. Winners Apple. Obviously. Apple’s iPhone App Store wasn’t the first way to load apps on your smartphone, but it was the best and quickly became the … Continue reading →

iOS 7: A Week Later

Jun. 19, ‘13: The initial reaction to Apple’s iOS 7 has ranged from thoughtful and provocative to trite and absurd — as you might expect anytime Apple does anything moderately interesting. I consider myself in the “give them time, they’ll probably get it … Continue reading →

iOS 7: Beyond The Flatness

Jun. 11, ‘13: Yes, Apple’s new mobile operating system looks different. Now what? I actually like the way Apple’s new iOS 7 looks. I don’t immediately prefer it to what it’s replacing — the original iPhone OS was one of the most beautiful … Continue reading →

“Holy shit.”

Jun. 10, ‘13: — iOS 7.

Crazy About Tablets

Apr. 30, ‘13: Is BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins just nuts? Or… Today’s big quote is from BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins, who’s getting widely mocked for what he said yesterday about tablets. Here’s Bloomberg‘s account: “In five years I don’t think there’ll be a … Continue reading →

“Obvious hints: cheaper plastic iPhone, mobile payments, I think I saw some hints at wearable computing.”

Apr. 23, ‘13: — Sammy the Walrus IV summarizes Apple’s earnings call in a tweet.

Apple’s Solid-After-All Quarter In Charts

Apr. 23, ‘13: Apple is still growing, but slower than before. And it’s not as profitable as it was a year ago — a rare reversal. But it’s still solid. Apple reported March quarter earnings this afternoon. Expectations were muted, and Apple beat … Continue reading →

Microsoft’s Mobile Comeback Isn’t Happening

Apr. 5, ‘13: We’re only talking about the world’s biggest software company and the future of computers. So far, it’s still basically irrelevant. To Microsoft’s credit, Windows 8 and Windows Phone seem like solid products. There are some Windows features I’d like to … Continue reading →