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The End Of Android

Mar. 20, ‘13: Irresponsible speculation about Google’s management change. Why is Andy Rubin no longer running the mobile platform he created? Who knows. Probably only a few people know the real reason. Maybe Andy doesn’t even know. This sort of stuff is complicated. … Continue reading →

Maybe The Big iPhone Is The Cheap iPhone

Feb. 22, ‘13: Pardon the idle speculation, but finishing up the next version of our City Notes travel guide got me thinking. In the lull between iPhone releases, there seems to be chatter about two possible new additions to the line: A “big … Continue reading →

Watch As China Has Grown To Become Apple’s Second-Biggest Market

Jan. 31, ‘13: Apple has been sharing some details of its success in China for a while. But last week, Apple formally created a Greater China segment in its quarterly earnings materials — it previously reported only a broader Asia Pacific segment — and released … Continue reading →

Peak Mac?

Jan. 29, ‘13: Was 2012 a one-off year of treading water for Apple’s Mac business? Or has the Mac peaked for good? After years of impressive growth, Mac shipments declined in 2012. During the December quarter, Mac shipments dropped a conspicuous 22% from … Continue reading →

Apple’s Semi-Soft Quarter In Charts

Jan. 23, ‘13: Apple reported December quarter results this afternoon. In general, Apple is still performing well, but growth continues to decelerate, and some numbers were short of expectations. In particular, iPhone shipments — Apple’s most important product — didn’t beat Wall Street’s … Continue reading →

What Does Roku’s New Time Warner Cable App Mean For The Apple TV?

Jan. 8, ‘13: Maybe a little. The news: Roku and Time Warner Cable — the second-largest U.S. cable provider — announced yesterday that TWC subscribers will be able to use Roku video-streaming gadgets as set-top boxes, featuring up to 300 channels. (PDF release.) … Continue reading →

How Google Maps Saved My Tokyo Trip, Exhibit A

Dec. 20, ‘12: Not to pile on a week later, but the difference in information between Apple Maps (left) and Google Maps (right) isn’t even funny. Even more useful than this simple (built-in) subway map overlay: Search actually finds the place you want … Continue reading →

‘Is Siri really Apple’s future?’

Nov. 13, ‘12: Siri is a promise. A promise of a new computing environment, enormously empowering to the ordinary user, a new paradigm in our evolving relationship with machines. Siri could change Apple’s fortunes like iTunes and App Store…or end up being like … Continue reading →