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Thinking Out Loud About Secret

Feb. 8, ‘14: For the past few days, I’ve been obsessed with a new app called Secret. If you haven’t tried it yet, it’s basically a simple feed of anonymous “secrets” that people are posting in public, with only a tiny hint who’s … Continue reading →

5 New Tools I Love

Oct. 24, ‘13: It’s been a slow gadget year for me. For the first time in ages, I’ll end up spending less than $1,000 on Apple gear in 2013. Probably a retina iPad mini, and that’s it. Everything else still works great. But … Continue reading →

The Apple TV App Store Can’t Be Too Far Away

Aug. 27, ‘13: Apple TV owners just got a bunch more channels: Vevo, the Weather Channel, more from Disney, and Smithsonian. This follows a recent update that added HBO Go and ESPN apps, and represents a continued acceleration of new content being added … Continue reading →

The App Store Era’s Biggest Winners And Losers

Jul. 9, ‘13: Five years in, here’s who has done the best and who’s lost the most. Winners Apple. Obviously. Apple’s iPhone App Store wasn’t the first way to load apps on your smartphone, but it was the best and quickly became the … Continue reading →

“The switch to Android first hasn’t happened yet, but at least based on conversations I’ve had with entrepreneurs, it seems likely to happen in the next year or two.”

Jun. 3, ‘13: — Chris Dixon has some interesting thoughts on mobile. We’ll have to check on this in a year or so — I’ll set a reminder in my, uh, Google calendar.

4 Lessons From The Yahoo Weather App

Apr. 28, ‘13: Yahoo’s new iPhone Weather App continues to lead the Weather app charts in iTunes, and I’ve seen more normal people talking about it — in a good way — than any app in a long time. Hey, look at that, … Continue reading →

Design Of The Times: The Floating-Over-Everything Button

Apr. 18, ‘13: A micro-trend in iOS apps? The new Facebook and Foursquare apps have buttons hovering over — and partially obscuring — the content below. In Facebook’s case (left), it’s a pill-shaped “New Stories” button that shows up at the top of … Continue reading →

Etsy buys Mixel

Jan. 22, ‘13: Smart deal; will bring Mixel’s talented team — including former NYTimes.com design director Khoi Vinh — over to Etsy. Mixel, if you recall, was a very cool collage app that never got enough traction to justify its existence as a … Continue reading →

How Google Maps Saved My Tokyo Trip, Exhibit A

Dec. 20, ‘12: Not to pile on a week later, but the difference in information between Apple Maps (left) and Google Maps (right) isn’t even funny. Even more useful than this simple (built-in) subway map overlay: Search actually finds the place you want … Continue reading →