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Announcing City Notes, A New Mobile Travel Startup By… Me!

Dec. 12, ‘12: Short version: I just launched a new company, City Notes, which I’ve been working on for several months. We are making what we hope will be the best and most interesting travel guides for iPhones and iPads. Our first iPhone … Continue reading →

The One Lesson From The Thousand ‘Lessons Why The Daily Failed’ Articles

Dec. 4, ‘12: People care about this stuff. A lot. Enough to write articles about it. Like, a shitload of them. The Daily didn’t work as a tablet publication, obviously, because of a mix of problems — it cost too much to produce, … Continue reading →

The Awl’s new iOS app, ‘Weekend Companion’

Nov. 28, ‘12: The Awl’s new app delivers smart, longish articles on Fridays to your iOS device’s previously useless Newsstand folder. It’s a similar concept to Marco Arment’s “The Magazine,” which launched last month. The app isn’t quite as polished, but for these … Continue reading →

An Early Sign That iOS Apps And Developers Will Get Access To Siri?

Nov. 8, ‘12: File this under idle speculation, but interesting enough to think about. The recent update to Apple’s Apple Store iOS app — the app for its online and retail stores — includes this feature: “Ask Siri to help you find prices and … Continue reading →

Every Twitter Client Should Cost $20!

Oct. 18, ‘12: Tweetbot for Mac launched today, and its $20 price tag is getting a strong reaction. Some people are turned off, a bunch of people are standing up for it, others are just confused. (The Tweetbot guys explain why it costs … Continue reading →

Using Data To Rethink Your App: The Shopkick Story

Oct. 17, ‘12: One of the more interesting things about the mobile app industry is that you can put user data to work to help refine and redefine a product. If people are using some features but not others, you can highlight the … Continue reading →

‘The Magazine’ by Marco Arment, ‘For geeks like us’

Oct. 11, ‘12: Basically: (Instapaper app guts + Articles by well-liked tech-types) x App Store Newsstand subscription. Smart experiment. Related: It’s A Great Time For Magazines

Photoset by Tumblr

Oct. 11, ‘12: It’s “a new app for creating and sharing beautiful high-res photosets on your iPhone or iPad.” Looks nice, and I’m looking forward to trying it. Interesting to see Tumblr start a new brand and domain for Photoset. Probably smart — … Continue reading →

Why Mixel rebooted

Aug. 29, ‘12: Mixel CEO Khoi Vinh chats with Peter Kafka about why Mixel 1.0 didn’t work and why 2.0 might. One of the most interesting points: It’s very hard to build a social network consisting entirely of iPad users, without an iPhone … Continue reading →

How ‘Dark Sky’ works

Aug. 28, ‘12: In addition to my favorite weather site, Weather.gov, I’ve recently been relying on Dark Sky, a $4 iOS app, to help figure out if it’s going to rain or not. It has been disturbingly accurate and is a great-looking app. … Continue reading →