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‘Top In-App Purchases’

Aug. 18, ‘12: Sounds about right.


Aug. 8, ‘12: Cool new iPhone app for creating short-term, disposable phone numbers for calls and text messages. Calls use your voice minutes, and the service isn’t free, but could be easily worth it. $2 in the App Store. (Via Amol Sarva.)

How To Remove Apps From The Dock In OS X Mountain Lion

Jul. 26, ‘12: Because I already opened the Mac App Store by accident five times today before figuring this out. Update: You can still pull the apps off, but you have to hold them for a few seconds in mid-air and drag them … Continue reading →

And the most popular Twitter app is…

Jul. 24, ‘12: Discussing the Twitter-app-developer-fiasco a couple of weeks ago on John Gruber’s “Talk Show”, I mentioned how we were missing a key set of data: What apps do people use to tweet most often? Benjamin Mayo did the legwork, analyzing 1 million … Continue reading →


Jul. 19, ‘12: Cool new free iPhone app that takes video you record and edits it together with video shot simultaneously by people nearby — even strangers. The result is a neat clip that switches between multiple camera angles, all in sync. Could … Continue reading →

Time’s Up For ‘The Daily’?

Jul. 13, ‘12: The Daily, Rupert Murdoch’s iPad newspaper, is apparently on probation while News Corp. figures out “whether it could turn around losses that were estimated at roughly $30 million a year,” the NYT’s Amy Chozick reported yesterday. I don’t know The … Continue reading →

Notes From The West Coast

Jun. 19, ‘12: I spent last week at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco. Everything beyond the keynote was under NDA, so I can’t tell you about it. And this week, I’m on vacation in Portland and Vancouver, so I won’t be … Continue reading →

iOS 6 Passbook

Jun. 11, ‘12: The biggest surprise in today’s iOS 6 sneak peek is Passbook. The other stuff had pretty much all leaked — Facebook, maps, do-not-disturb, etc. — but Passbook is fascinating. On one hand, right now, it’s just an aggregation of your … Continue reading →

Exploring The New Foursquare

Jun. 8, ‘12: The big-picture thing to remember for a company like Foursquare, which has raised a lot of venture capital, is that growth is what keeps the lights on. If your growth isn’t accelerating — or, worse, you’re not growing at all … Continue reading →

Why Facebook Needs Two Photo Apps

May. 24, ‘12: Facebook released Camera today, an iPhone app that lets you take photos, add filters to them, and share them on Facebook. Hey, wait a second. Isn’t that what Instagram does, which Facebook just smartly agreed to acquire for $1+ billion? Yes … Continue reading →