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Hands On — Sort Of! — With AppBaseball, A Japanese iPhone Baseball Gadget

May. 9, ‘12: When I saw AppBaseball in the store here in Tokyo, my eyes lit up. I spent many hours as a kid playing lo-fi handheld baseball videogames: First the baseball half of the Tiger Electronics Bo Jackson baseball/football hybrid game, then … Continue reading →

Why Facebook’s $1 Billion Instagram Deal Is Brilliant

Apr. 9, ‘12: So Instagram is now Facebook’s property. $1 billion in cash and Facebook stock, less than two years in business. Pretty sweet deal for the Instagram team. But it’s also a brilliant move for Facebook. Why? Not only does it now … Continue reading →

Why Android Won’t Ruin Instagram

Apr. 3, ‘12: That buzzing noise in your pocket today is the sound of push alerts — Android users rushing to Instagram. Will Android ruin Instagram? Until now, of course, it has been a glorious iOS-only social network of interesting photos, taken by … Continue reading →

Bump To SplatF: Hey, Millions Of People Use Our App!

Mar. 14, ‘12: While analyzing Apple’s top-all-time-apps lists last week, I poked Bump a little, asking “Do people actually use this app? Have never seen it.” Bump, no. 14 on the all-time free iPhone apps list, seemed high, given how little I’ve heard … Continue reading →

Analyzing Apple’s All-Time Top Apps Lists

Mar. 6, ‘12: With the iOS App Store passing 25 billion downloads, Apple has published all-time rankings of the top 25 free and paid iPhone and iPad apps. (Via Daring Fireball.) Digging in… Angry Birds is 3 of the top 10 paid iPhone apps … Continue reading →

‘Pocket Planes’ airline simulator, from the makers of ‘Tiny Tower’

Mar. 6, ‘12: Could be the first iPhone game I get addicted to since Flight Control.

Frames: An iPhone app for making time-lapse and stop motion movies

Mar. 5, ‘12: From the Studio Neat guys who brought us the Glif and Cosmonaut. Looks cool. $2.99 in the App Store.

iPad + Office + Apple + Microsoft: Why It All Makes Sense

Feb. 23, ‘12: In case you missed the craziness this week, Microsoft appears to be making some Office apps for the iPad. Or maybe it’s not. Or whatever. MG Siegler has a good wrapup of the nonsense here. Office for the iPad makes … Continue reading →

MLB At Bat pricing changes: No $15 iOS app fee for MLB.TV Premium subs

Feb. 17, ‘12: Major League Baseball’s pricing structure for its iOS/mobile apps is changing a bit this year. Instead of $15-per-mobile-app fees — iPhone and iPad were separate apps, so $30 for both — MLB.TV Premium subscribers will be able to log in … Continue reading →

Facebook’s Mobile Problem Isn’t Ads — It’s The Product

Feb. 6, ‘12: In a well-circulated New York Times article, Jenna Wortham notes that Facebook doesn’t make any money from mobile. Despite a ton of mobile users — about half of its 845 million monthly users — it’s going to be a significant challenge for … Continue reading →