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“Today, AT&T announced … it is prepared to build an advanced fiber optic infrastructure in Austin, Texas, capable of delivering speeds up to 1 gigabit per second.”

Apr. 9, ‘13: — There’s a big difference between “prepared to” and reality. Don’t get too excited yet.

AT&T always reserved the right to throttle your 3G data

Mar. 5, ‘12: At MacRumors, Jordan Golson looked through old AT&T terms of service documents, and found clauses like this: AT&T reserves the right to (i) limit throughput or amount of data transferred, deny Service and/or terminate Service, without notice, to anyone it … Continue reading →

If You’re Still Whining About AT&T’s 3G Data Throttling, You’re Part Of The Problem

Mar. 5, ‘12: It’s pretty simple, really. AT&T’s data network is a finite, constrained resource. We know this because it still sucks most of the time. (In my experience, at least.) This costs money to continue to improve. Meanwhile, AT&T needs to make … Continue reading →

The iPhone’s comeback and the power of carrier distribution

Jan. 18, ‘12: Survey data from Nielsen suggests that Apple’s iPhone almost closed the gap with Google Android in December, as far as new smartphone purchases go. Assuming it’s accurate, this says as much about the value of carrier distribution as it says about … Continue reading →

AT&T-Mobile deal is dead: Now what?

Dec. 19, ‘11: AT&T’s $39 billion bid for T-Mobile is finished: Thanks to the U.S. government’s efforts to block the deal, AT&T is pulling out. So, now what? AT&T will have to pay T-Mobile a $3 billion breakup fee, plus a large amount … Continue reading →

AT&T testing new “Echo” social music service

Oct. 18, ‘11: Interesting. Just got this email from AT&T, my wireless carrier, offering a peek at a new social music service called Echo. Here’s a website with a little more info. (As part of the service, you will also get a pre-paid, 12-month … Continue reading →

The most amazing thing about Apple is how fast it’s still growing

Oct. 13, ‘11: There are many impressive facets to Apple’s business: Its sheer size, its growth over the past decade, its international growth, its profitability, and how much of it comes from the iOS platform, which only came into existence four years ago. … Continue reading →

Macworld: Verizon and Sprint unlock the iPhone 4S SIM card slot for international roaming

Oct. 11, ‘11: Big news for frequent travelers. Here’s Jason Snell, writing for Macworld: Sprint plans to sell the iPhone 4S with its micro-SIM slot unlocked; Verizon’s will be initially locked, but if you’ve been a customer in good standing for 60 days, … Continue reading →

Why Sprint shouldn’t get too excited about AT&T’s T-Mobile setback

Sep. 1, ‘11: Sprint Nextel, which has been loudly fighting AT&T’s proposed takeover of T-Mobile, celebrated yesterday when the U.S. government moved to block the deal. Yes, in a sense, it is good news for Sprint: It doesn’t have to compete with a ridiculously huge … Continue reading →

Why consumers still lose if AT&T can’t buy T-Mobile

Aug. 31, ‘11: The government’s opposition to AT&T’s takeover of T-Mobile seems to be about competition and price: It’s not comfortable with the idea of three carriers (instead of four) representing 90% of wireless connections, and it doesn’t want T-Mobile’s low-cost strategy being … Continue reading →