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10 steps to better blogging

Dec. 1, ‘11: Almost 5 months into writing SplatF, I’m starting to type up some new ideas — mostly for myself, but also for folks like my ad partners — of where I’d like to take the site and what I’d like to … Continue reading →

How Sony lost its way, starting with software

Nov. 11, ‘11: Growing up as a gadget nerd in the 1990s, there was no brand as exciting as Sony. Yes, Apple made great computers, and that’s what we used. But almost everything else, I wanted from Sony. Now, 20 years later, it’s … Continue reading →

The rise and decline of Sony: A 20-year view

Nov. 9, ‘11: Sony lost $350 million last quarter on more than $20 billion of sales, and warned last week that full-year losses would total more than $1 billion — its fourth straight year of losses. Sony blamed last quarter’s sales decline on … Continue reading →

The Apple-fication of everything

Oct. 25, ‘11: One of the best things about Steve Jobs’ return to Apple — which will live on and benefit society long after Jobs’ death — is how he basically spent the last 14 years teaching thousands of Apple employees to have … Continue reading →

Apple’s future, as predicted 15 years ago

Oct. 20, ‘11: Trying to make predictions about the technology industry more than a few years out is a crapshoot. Things change, things stay the same, design breakthroughs mess up everyone’s plans, good products fail, and seemingly lame ideas prosper. Five years ago, … Continue reading →

Commerce as content, shopping through art

Oct. 11, ‘11: While I was researching e-commerce sites for a project a couple of months ago, I signed up for a bunch of email newsletters from flash sales and group buying sites. Many of them contained lame deals or were ugly or … Continue reading →

Overanalyzing Apple’s product cycles: Why the iPhone 4S shouldn’t surprise you

Oct. 6, ‘11: The ridiculous outrage around Apple’s iPhone 4S seems to have been quieted by Steve Jobs’ death. But for the sake of closure, I’ll be clear: There never should have been any shock around the iPhone 4S to begin with. Apple … Continue reading →

If you’re disappointed by the iPhone 4S, you’re nuts

Oct. 4, ‘11: Cue the whiners. Apple didn’t announce an iPhone 5 today, just an updated version of the iPhone 4, called the iPhone 4S. Apple stock is down a bit in a flat market.¬†Many are claiming to be disappointed. But here’s the … Continue reading →

Moneyball for tech startups

Sep. 23, ‘11: Moneyball, the film based on Michael Lewis’s excellent book about the business of baseball, opens this weekend. If you haven’t read the book or seen the trailer, the basic idea is: Oakland Athletics general manager Billy Beane — played in … Continue reading →

10 new industries Apple could go into (but probably won’t)

Sep. 6, ‘11: Many speculate that Apple will eventually start making TVs: It’s a not-too-crazy extension of several Apple products, including the Apple TV software platform, the big-screen iMac, and the iTunes app and media stores. Apple doesn’t frequently enter new markets, but … Continue reading →