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Apple: The next chapter

Aug. 29, ‘11: Tim Cook’s promotion to CEO comes at an interesting time for Apple. First, the company continues to refocus itself around iOS, its platform for the future. And second, it continues to grow at an amazing pace. These two factors create … Continue reading →

The airplane industry needs its iPhone

Jul. 14, ‘11: Reading airplane industry news these days reminds me a lot of the smartphone business before Apple stunned everyone with the iPhone in 2007. That is: A few companies getting by with minor updates to their products, letting a few big … Continue reading →

What’s on my iPhone?

Jul. 7, ‘11: Since we’re getting to know each other, I figured I’d share my iPhone home screen with you. This is my second brain. I treat the second screen of apps like a bullpen. There, I have a bunch of folders full … Continue reading →