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Meanwhile, RIM was having a developer conference today…

Oct. 18, ‘11: The NYT’s Nick Bilton contrasts RIM’s conference in San Francisco with the Web 2.0 Summit across town: RIM’s show for app developers for the BlackBerry and PlayBook couldn’t have been more different: noiseless and almost depressing, like a group of children … Continue reading →

Why RIM can’t ditch consumers and focus on the enterprise

Sep. 16, ‘11: RIM’s momentum has hit the wall. Yet again, yesterday, the company reported disappointing results. And its transition to a new BlackBerry platform called QNX looks increasingly like a Hail Mary attempt. Some observers wonder why RIM doesn’t stop trying to … Continue reading →

Will Android ever beat Google’s search market share?

Sep. 14, ‘11: I posted yesterday about how Google’s search share seems “stuck” at 65%. At first blush, 65% seems low, considering that the word “Google” is synonymous with search. But search is fragmented, and rival portals with huge audiences or big budgets … Continue reading →

RIM’s developer relations guy leaves

Aug. 30, ‘11: Mike Kirkup, RIM’s departing senior director of developer relations, gives CrackBerry the old spending more time with my family reasoning behind his departure. But I’m hearing (and reading) that Kirkup is a smart guy. He has to know that RIM’s … Continue reading →

Next year’s BlackBerries will run Android apps… but not the way you think

Aug. 24, ‘11: Future BlackBerry phones running on RIM’s QNX platform will be able to run apps built for Google Android, Bloomberg’s Hugo Miller and Olga Kharif report. This makes sense, but it’s probably not as good as it sounds. RIM has already announced plans … Continue reading →

Meanwhile, RIM is trying to build a music service…

Aug. 18, ‘11: CNET’s Greg Sandoval and Roger Cheng: At a time when Research in Motion needs to sex itself up, the Canadian smartphone maker is in talks with the four largest record companies about launching a new music service to run on … Continue reading →

RIM’s real problem could be finding someone to buy it

Aug. 4, ‘11: There is a very real possibility that BlackBerry maker Research In Motion will be on the block within a year or so. Unless it can pull off an unprecedented comeback and become relevant again in the high-end smartphone business, RIM could … Continue reading →

RIM releases the BlackBerries it should have 2 years ago

Aug. 3, ‘11: RIM released a trio of new BlackBerry devices this morning, running the new BlackBerry 7 operating system. This is its stopgap OS release before jumping to a new platform, QNX, which is supposed to launch on phones next year. (It’s … Continue reading →

RIM lays off 2,000, BlackBerry COO is retiring after medical leave

Jul. 25, ‘11: Research in Motion announced 2,000 layoffs and some management changes this morning. Both co-CEOs remain in their positions, but Don Morrison, currently on medical leave, is retiring as COO of BlackBerry after more than 10 years with RIM, and after … Continue reading →

More Windows Phone 7 customers are “Very Satisfied” than Android customers

Jul. 18, ‘11: More Apple iPhone customers are “Very Satisfied” with their phones than any other platform, new survey results from ChangeWave Research suggest. (This is typical.) But more Microsoft Windows Phone 7 customers appear to be “Very Satisfied” than Google Android customers, … Continue reading →