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The rise and fall of RIM

Jul. 13, ‘11: BGR’s Jonathan Geller interviews a bunch of ex-RIM executives and comes back with an interesting “inside story” about how RIM missed the boat on the current generation of high-end consumer smartphones. [RIM Co-CEO] Mike Lazaridis would say that the most … Continue reading →

BlackBerry developers haven’t been able to release new apps for more than a day

Jul. 12, ‘11: RIM’s code signing server has been down for a day, and has been flaky since the weekend, a developer tells me. As a result, BlackBerry developers haven’t been able to sign their code to release new apps in the past … Continue reading →

The BlackBerry’s downfall is almost as crazy as Android’s rise

Jul. 8, ‘11: The latest comScore U.S. smartphone subscriber data shows Google Android continuing its impressive market share growth, with Apple growing more modestly. But look at RIM. It’s falling to the earth. Just a year ago, more than 40% of U.S. smartphones … Continue reading →