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Thinking About A Post-‘House Of Cards’ Netflix World

Feb. 25, ‘13: Netflix’s new “House of Cards” series — almost halfway in — is worth watching, and could prove to be an important — or at least memorable — point in television history. It’s better than it needs to be. It’s certainly … Continue reading →

Smell Test! Are 23% Of Netflix Subscribers Really Cord Cutters?

Feb. 19, ‘13: Peter Kafka tweets: “10% of Netflix’ 33mm subs have watched 6 eps of house of cards, and 23% are cord cutters? Both seem too high” This is based on a TechCrunch article by Ryan Lawler, citing a survey by Cowen … Continue reading →

Long live cable… ESPN buys college football playoffs rights through 2026

Nov. 23, ‘12: ESPN would feature the games on ESPN, ESPN Radio, ESPN Mobile TV and via WatchESPN on computers, smartphones, tablets and Xbox LIVE. SplatF office pool: What year will you be able to stream those games without a cable (or equivalent) subscription? Ever?

The cable guys win again

Aug. 16, ‘12: Good summary by Peter Kafka why Apple isn’t going to change the TV business anytime soon. (Context: A WSJ article reporting that Apple is talking with the cable companies about some sort of Apple TV “box”.) If you want to … Continue reading →

Sorry Cheapskates, But HBO Doesn’t Want Your Money

Jun. 6, ‘12: Perhaps you’ve seen TakeMyMoneyHBO.com, a website/Twitter campaign trying to convince HBO to offer direct subscriptions to HBO GO, its excellent streaming TV service. (Today — and for the foreseeable future — you need a cable or satellite subscription to access … Continue reading →

If You’re Expecting The TV Industry To Just ‘Collapse’, Keep Dreaming

Jun. 4, ‘12: The Internet has already changed the television industry significantly, and will continue to do so. But the idea that the web will cause the TV business to “collapse” is fantasy. Henry Blodget has just written a wildly popular post called … Continue reading →

HBO Go For Xbox A No-Go For Comcast, Time Warner Cable Customers

Mar. 27, ‘12: HBO Go — plus MLB.TV and Comcast’s Xfinity app — launched today for Microsoft’s Xbox 360, adding more entertainment utility to tens of millions of Xboxes. As Microsoft tries to expand the Xbox beyond gaming — an important showdown on the horizon … Continue reading →

Time Warner Cable tries usage-based pricing again in Texas

Feb. 28, ‘12: If you recall, the last time TWC tried to do this a couple of years ago, it was a disaster. So, this is important: The plan is optional, designed to save light users some money, and Time Warner Cable promises … Continue reading →

Why Apple Would Dare Partner With Those Evil Cable/Telco TV Providers

Feb. 7, ‘12: At GigaOm, Ryan Lawler walks through the latest reports and speculation about Apple’s TV set, including supposed partnerships in the works with cable and telco TV providers. Why would Apple want to partner with these horrible monopolies when it is … Continue reading →

While AT&T fights for T-Mobile, Verizon teams up with the cable industry

Dec. 2, ‘11: A huge new alliance in wireless and telecom just happened — this time, without the messiness of a merger: Verizon is getting in bed with the cable industry. (Here’s the official announcement. And here’s Peter Kafka’s smart take: Comcast and Verizon merge … Continue reading →