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Peak Mac?

Jan. 29, ‘13: Was 2012 a one-off year of treading water for Apple’s Mac business? Or has the Mac peaked for good? After years of impressive growth, Mac shipments declined in 2012. During the December quarter, Mac shipments dropped a conspicuous 22% from … Continue reading →

Apple’s Semi-Soft Quarter In Charts

Jan. 23, ‘13: Apple reported December quarter results this afternoon. In general, Apple is still performing well, but growth continues to decelerate, and some numbers were short of expectations. In particular, iPhone shipments — Apple’s most important product — didn’t beat Wall Street’s … Continue reading →

The iPod Mini Effect: The iPad Mini Should Be So Lucky

Oct. 31, ‘12: Apple’s iPad mini goes on sale this Friday, and big questions for Apple include: How will it affect overall iPad sales? Will it cannibalize bigger, more expensive iPads? Will it sell out, despite a price premium over competitors like Amazon’s … Continue reading →

A Billion And Back: 8 Years Of Apple iPod Sales

Oct. 25, ‘12: Here’s an interesting (if relatively unimportant) data point from Apple’s September quarter earnings: iPod sales fell below $1 billion for the first time in 8 years, since the September 2004 quarter. Since then, the iPod business had 31 quarters in … Continue reading →

Just In Case You Forgot How Far RIM Has Fallen

Sep. 25, ‘12: “We have a clear shot at being the number three platform on the market. We’re not just another open platform on the market, we are BlackBerry.” — RIM CEO Thorsten Heins, via The Verge. Heins is right that there isn’t fierce … Continue reading →

What Apple’s ‘5 Million’ iPhone 5 Sales Really Mean: Not That Much

Sep. 24, ‘12: Apple sold 5 million iPhone 5s in its first weekend, up from 4 million iPhone 4Ss last year. This number isn’t 10 million or even 8 million or 6 million, so some are saying that it’s “WORSE THAN EXPECTED” or … Continue reading →

Why the iPhone 5 event is so huge for Apple

Sep. 12, ‘12: I’ve posted a few charts over at ReadWriteWeb. This one’s pretty fun: The iPhone business vs. Microsoft and the big tech giants, inspired by this MG Siegler post from February. Also: The Three iPhone 5 Features I Actually Care About

Amazon’s Amazing Kindle Growth Chart, 2012 Edition

Sep. 7, ‘12: Last September at Amazon’s Kindle launch event in New York, Jeff Bezos showed this amazing chart of Kindle e-book sales just edging past Amazon’s physical book sales. What a difference a year makes. Here’s a screenshot from today’s Amazon Kindle … Continue reading →

Which Business Is Shrinking Faster, Printers Or iPods?

Aug. 23, ‘12: Answer: It depends! HP’s overall printer group sales down 3% year-over-year last quarter, but a 13% drop in consumer printer revenue on 23% fewer unit sales. (Its larger commercial printing business actually grew 4% year-over-year.) Apple’s iPod revenue down 20% year-over-year … Continue reading →

AOL Dialup Just Had Its ‘Best’ Quarter In A Decade, And Still Has 3 Million Subscribers

Jul. 26, ‘12: The headline from AOL’s earnings report this week is that its turnaround as a digital media and advertising company is slowly starting to show progress. But did you know that AOL still has 3 million dialup “access” subscribers — generating … Continue reading →