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Apple’s Reality-Check Quarter In Charts

Jul. 24, ‘12: Apple’s June quarter results, released this afternoon, set a few records but fell short of many expectations, including mine. iPhone and Mac shipments were particularly soft, while iPad sales — 17 million — set an all-time high. Apple sold more “computers” … Continue reading →

Square’s ‘Sexy Growth Curve’ Accelerates Again

Apr. 25, ‘12: In a Bloomberg article today, Square drops a new money stat: It is now processing payments at a $5 billion annualized rate. Square has been revealing these stats, with increasing payment volume, for more than a year — see last … Continue reading →

Microsoft Isn’t Just Losing Smartphone Market Share: Its Mobile User Base Is Actually Shrinking

Apr. 24, ‘12: Few technology markets have exploded over the past few years like the smartphone industry. This has made a fortune for Apple, where the iPhone business should pass $100 billion in sales this year. And it has been great for Google, … Continue reading →

Side-By-Side: The Apple Store, Best Buy, And Amazon

Apr. 19, ‘12: Amazon will finally pass Best Buy in revenue this year, and my latest post at ReadWriteWeb charts the companies’ growth in sales and profits dating back to 1995. What happens when you toss in the Apple Store? As this chart … Continue reading →

Square’s Sexy Growth Curve

Mar. 5, ‘12: It is easy to be skeptical of Square, which — while very cool — also feels like it must somehow be overhyped. (Why did my local café stop using it? Why don’t I ever see it in use? Can it really replace most cash … Continue reading →

Apple’s crazy decade of growth: When’s the peak?

Feb. 15, ‘12: At ReadWriteWeb, I’ve chronicled (and charted) Apple’s last ten years of incredible growth. That is, it’s been ten full years since 2001, the last year that Apple’s annual revenue declined on a year-over-year basis. Since then, Apple has grown every … Continue reading →

How Infographics Are Ruining The Web

Feb. 10, ‘12: Get Smarter: SplatF Featured Charts

Facebook’s Payments Business Is Already 15% The Size Of PayPal — Sort Of

Feb. 4, ‘12: Facebook’s IPO filing this week revealed that its payments business is growing at a healthy clip, and represented 15% of Facebook’s revenue last year. (Up to 17% of its sales during the fourth quarter.) How does it compare to eBay’s … Continue reading →

The ‘Eggs In One Basket’ Index

Feb. 3, ‘12: Earlier, I noted how Facebook’s advertising business generated 85% of its revenue last year, down from 95% in 2010, as its payments business is helping it diversify away from ads. Then I saw this post by Ed Bott, comparing Microsoft, … Continue reading →

How Does Facebook Make Money?

Feb. 3, ‘12: Facebook’s IPO filing this week confirmed what we already knew: Facebook makes the vast majority of its money by selling ads on its site. But now we know just how much of its revenue comes from advertising: 85% in 2011, … Continue reading →